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    La representaci�_n de la literatura indigenista e ind�_gena en dos obras Colombianas: Jos̩ Tomb̩ de Diego Castrill�_n Arboleda y En Defensa de mi Raza de Manuel Quint�_n Lame [1]
    A lacanian reply to Marx : the necessity of topology in the formation of the social [1]
    #Languagemixing on Twitter [1]
    Large-scale soybean genome-wide variation workflow and association analysis using deep learning [1]
    Laser assisted manufacturing of nanomaterials for energy conversion [1]
    Late cretaceous ocean circulation in the south Atlantic and Pacific oceans [1]
    Leader-member exchange in education : the effects of principal and teacher dyadic relationship quality [1]
    Leadership in action : the influence of leadership practices on reform [1]
    "Learning the ropes : coaching and performing race, style, and identity in professional boxing" [1]
    "Little people can learn about race" : thinking with the wake in a first-grade classroom [1]
    The lived experiences of first responders during emergency events involving children [1]
    Local and deep texture features for classification of natural and biomedical images [1]
    Localization in challenging environment using geometric and machine learning techniques [1]
    The log in my eye : awareness, acceptance, and correction of partisan political bias [1]
    Looking broadly and deeply into perspectives of local climate change impacts among visitors to Missouri state parks [1]
    Low sensitivity to, and craving for, alcohol in naturalistic and laboratory settings [1]
    Low strength wastewater treatment using emerging anaerobic treatment processes [1]
    Low-intensity blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury : linking blast physics to biological outcomes [1]
    Machine-aided analysis of vote privacy using computationally complete symbolic attacker [1]
    Magical safe spaces : the role of literature in Medieval and early modern magic [1]