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    Machine-aided analysis of vote privacy using computationally complete symbolic attacker [1]
    Magical safe spaces : the role of literature in Medieval and early modern magic [1]
    Major life-changing events and preferred retirement time among older adults : evidence from the 1992 to 2014 health and retirement study [1]
    Managerial perceptions and responses to climate change in Missouri state parks and historic sites [1]
    Managing identities during social change [1]
    "Marijuana Moms" : the collective work of negotiating individual and group identity in the age of cannabis legalization [1]
    Maternal care and environmental enrichment influences on serotonin knockout mice with implications for a gene x stress model of autism [1]
    Maternal-child nurses' social judgments about types of fathers [1]
    Mechanisms of polar growth in the alphaproteobacterial order rhizobiales [1]
    Mechanizing the metatheory of rewire [1]
    A mixed method phenomenological case study of how members of a democratic micro school experience leadership and democratic principles [1]
    A mixed-methods research predicting intentions and perceptions about intimate partner violence screening among nursing students and nurse educators in Thailand [1]
    Modeling gibbs point processes through basic function decompositions [1]
    Modulation of HBV infection and replication by cell-derived factors [1]
    Molecular mechanisms of action for CFTR potentiators [1]
    Molecular mechanisms of enzyme dysfunction in human phosphoglucomutase-1 deficiency [1]
    The molecular underpinnings of neuronal cell identity in the stomatogastric ganglion of cancer borealis [1]
    The molecules that move us : evaluating potential genetic and molecular determinants of physical activity motivation [1]
    More than beer : the complex career of Adolphus Busch [1]
    Morphological and biomechanical predictions of cranial kinesis in reptile evolution [1]