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    Tales of an 'invisible' life stage : survival and physiology among terrestrial juvenile ambystomatid salamanders [1]
    Targeted therapeutics for non small cell lung carcinoma [1]
    Teacher perceptions of their evaluations : impact of the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) data tool on teacher growth, teacher effectiveness, and learning-centered culture in a Missouri rural public high school [1]
    Technetium and rhenium schiff base complexes for nuclear medicine [1]
    Testing the efficacy of self-determination theory as a counter-propaganda interdiction tool [1]
    Theoretical and computational modeling of peptide-lipid bilayer interaction studied by dynamic force spectroscopy [1]
    Three essays on agglomeration, strategic orientation, and organizational form [1]
    Three essays on bayesian analysis of nonlinear DSGE models [1]
    Three essays on China's housing market, monetary policy and macroeconomy [1]
    Three essays on economics of higher education [1]
    Three essays on mergers and acquisitions [1]
    Three essays on phosphorus runoff and water quality [1]
    Three essays on rural-nonrural disparities in postsecondary access and success [1]
    Toxicogenomics of Diabrotica virgifera virgifera leconte in response to eCry3.1Ab-expressing transgenic maize [1]
    Traditional postpartum care : alloparenting from an evolutionary perspective [1]
    Transborder ethnic alignments and the interplay between domestic and international violence [1]
    Transcending the technical : an examination of spirituality in choral music making for selected public [1]
    TRPV4 contributes to stretch-induced hypercontractility and time-dependent dysfunction in the aged heart [1]
    Two essays in real estate [1]
    Two essays on new B2B sales incentive mechanisms for enhancing selling effectiveness and coordinating inside and outside sales forces [1]