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    3D printing of active polymeric materials
    The ability of an extinguished CS and a CS given conditioned inhibition training to pass tests for inhibition
    Absolute continuity of parabolic measure and the initial-dirichlet problem
    Accessibility of public services : city government institutions and service spatial distribution
    Administrators' perceptions of teacher effectiveness in rural northwest Missouri secondary public schools
    Agricultural genetic engineering technology and sustainable development in the African food security context
    Analysis of best practice procedures to prevent sudden death in high school athletics : a regional assessment.
    Applied problems in frame theory
    Aptamers against viral proteins as a tool to answer biological questions
    Are social media bad for your employees? : effects of at-work break activities on recovery experiences, job satisfaction, and life satisfaction
    Assessing perceptions of parents' communication accommodation in relation to sexual and gender minority adult chidren's child-parent communication apprehension and mental health
    Atypical localization of Eph-RTKs in childhood cancer rhabdomyosarcoma
    Battles for branding : political marketing and U.S. Senate debates
    Becoming within entangled spaces of artistic practice, an illustrated autoethnography
    Behavioral economic indicators of Greek student drinking : the role of social environment and perceived norms
    Behavioral responses of drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae) to olfactory and visual cues
    The belief in meritocracy predict well-being of low status college students when perceiving discrimination?
    Between the old and the new : Friedrich Gentz, 1764-1832
    Biophysical characterization of the structure and flexibility of the E. Coli ribosome