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    Growth, performance and quality attributes of steers supplemented with high oleic soybean oil [1]
    Healing centered yoga : an adjunct clinical intervention pilot study : trauma and chemical dependency [1]
    Herbicide resistant weeds in Missouri : sources and solutions [1]
    How media and communication graduates find jobs [1]
    Hybrid logistic and confined exponential growth models : estimation using SEM software [1]
    The impact of wood pellet manufacturing on United States southern timberlands [1]
    Improved cloning efficiency by chemically induced metabolic reprogramming of donor cells used for porcine somatic cell nuclear transfer [1]
    The incorporation of preheated whey protein isolate and pectin complexes as natural emulsifiers and stabilizers in processed cheddar cheese sauce [1]
    Indicators of journalistic role performance on Last Week Tonight [1]
    Information and communication technologies : applications and benefits for second language acquisition [1]
    The institutionalization of the technology field with journalism [1]
    Integrated regional enstrophy and its correlation with regime transitions in the Northern Hemisphere [1]
    Investigations of the forage nutritive value of common weeds encountered in Missouri pastures and their relationships with soil fertility [1]
    Is breastfeeding related to maternal warmth and acceptance among Saudi mothers? [1]
    "Life is harder" : the perceived impact of a newspaper closure on community members [1]
    Magnitude of STING Signaling Determines CD8 T cell Memory [1]
    Marginalized memories : Lafayette, American others, and revolution's legacy [1]
    Methods of imaging articular cartilage under shear [1]
    The million dollar question : a quantitative analysis of audience uses and gratifications in digital magazines [1]
    Motivation in the apparel classroom : a self-determination perspective [1]