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    Methods of imaging articular cartilage under shear
    The million dollar question : a quantitative analysis of audience uses and gratifications in digital magazines
    Musica Universalis -- the pursuit of pure abstraction
    A partial equilibrium model of Afghanistan wheat market
    The perceived role of Twitter in young adults' political participation during the 2018 midterm elections
    Pixel level pavement crack detection using deep convolutional neural network with residual blocks
    PRO3DCNN : convolutional neural network for mapping protein structure into folds
    Quantifying evaporation of precipitation below the cloud base using a vertically pointing radar
    Region based object detectors for recognizing birds in aerial images
    Removal of hexavalent chromium and sulfamethazine by green zero valent iron nanoparticles (NZVI)
    Seasonal fish community and reproductive biology of fishes in two tributaries of the lower Missouri River, USA
    Shock tube experimentation utilizing advance diagnostics for the study of an impulsively accelerated multiphase cylinder
    Site preparation for longleaf pine restoration on hydric sites : stand development and ground flora responses 15 years after planting
    Social media usage news consumption, behaviors, and online civic reasoning among Generation Z
    Spatial and disease ecology of the plains spotted skunk
    A study of how political candidates use persuasive messages on Twitter, specifically toward women voters
    A study of the Kansas City Chiefs crisis communication during the national anthem protests
    The survival and growth of shortleaf pine systems in the Missouri Ozarks : effects of competition, genetics, and site preparation
    Symbiotic or destructive? : an analysis of the metaphors about journalism in American films during the 1990s
    Weak phase retrieval and phaseless reconstruction