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    3D printing of energetic material
    African American female aspiring journalists and the lack of African African American female television news directors and producers
    Analysis of the economic value associated with the adoption of beef reproductive technologies
    Analysis of the parallel seismic method for foundation reuse
    Angling the truth : how sponsored content and media framing impact the charter school movement
    Applying a "hypocrisy" strategy to improve food safety practices in restaurants
    Axial load transfer in large scale physical model drilled shaft foundations
    Bursting your (filter) bubble how personalization is changing the way you perceive reality from the information you consume on social media
    Changes in nucleus accumbens gene expression accompany sex specific suppression of voluntary physical activity in aromatase knockout mice
    Comeback coverage : thematic content in the news media's reporting on Donald Trump's attacks
    Conversations on suicide : 13 Reasons Why
    Developing tools for making inferences from genomic data
    The dream is more than process
    Effect of class wide function-based intervention teams (CW-FIT) and the good behavior game (GBG) intervention with children in a classroom
    Effect of induced hindlimb length difference on bodymounted inertial sensor measures of hindlimb lameness in horses
    Effect of localized national news on audience value perception
    The effects of overstory retention on species composition and height growth following clearcut and group selection regeneration harvests in the Missouri Ozark Highlands
    Emancipation of education through place
    Ethical dilemmas on social networking sites : focus group discussions with journalists and news consumers
    An examination of personalization in digital advertising