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    Altar kulture [1]
    Assessing the quantitative and qualitative differences between 3D point clouds produced from lidar and structure from motion [1]
    The audience as gatekeepers on Facebook : why consumers of local news share stories [1]
    Caregiver choice in alternating treatments [1]
    CBFM (community-based forest management) : participation and perceptions. a case study in Malang, Indonesia [1]
    Characterizing variable patterns of disease onset and progression in a mouse model of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) [1]
    Developing and evaluating the effectiveness of a place based climate change education toolkit in Missouri [1]
    Digital hydraulic systems : a theoretical comparative efficiency analysis of hydraulic systems with real pump models [1]
    Doxa : prayerful pots [1]
    Dynamic framing processes between an organization and its audience : an examination of the Equifax cybersecurity crisis [1]
    Effects of political media framing on news organizations' credibility [1]
    An ERP investigation of cognitive control in bilinguals [1]
    Examining the effectiveness of a variable momentary differential reinforcement of other behavior procedure on reduction and maintenance of problem behavior [1]
    Fantastic religion : fandom as religious practice [1]
    Framing the US-China trade war : a content analysis of news frames used in the United States and Chinese media [1]
    Gender and propaganda at the crossroads (the case of Svetlana Alexievich) [1]
    Habitat associations and distributions of endemic crayfish in the Meramec River drainage [1]
    Have "right", be "right" a study of the religion of consumerism [1]
    Herbage accumulation, nutritive value and nitrogen dynamics of a tall fescue forage system with either nitrogen fertilization or intercropped sunn hemp [1]
    The high cost of living : death and social identity of Missouri's historic Columbia cemetery [1]