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    "I saw the striped couch" [1]
    Immersive work zone inspection training using virtual reality [1]
    Impact of selective motor neuron death on hypoglossal motor neuron survival and tongue morphology in a novel model of dysphagia [1]
    Imperial masculinities of the modern romance : how intellectuals used imperial rhetoric to reassert middle-class masculinity in late 19th-century Britain [1]
    Lines in the sand : navigating native advertising through magazine professionals' policies [1]
    Literature didactics : how to use literature in a foreign language classroom (with examples for the German Andenglish language classroom) [1]
    Metabolic responses of meniscal tissue to collagenase stimulation [1]
    Modeling social connectivity and the spread of the 1918-1919 flu through Inupiat and Yup'ik communities of western Alaska [1]
    Moderators' modus operandi : a rhetorical, qualitative analysis of the 2016 presidential debate moderators [1]
    Nach pädagogischen überlegungen texte für den daf-unterricht chronologisch neu strukturieren [1]
    Neotectonic and geophysical investigation into the active growth of the Avawatz Mountain Front, California [1]
    Peptide amphiphile micelles vaccines for cell-mediated immune response induction [1]
    Pro-environmental behaviors, sustainable advertising, and persuasion theory : a qualitative study on brands as an gent of change [1]
    Quantification and characterization of the antitumoral agent taccalonolides isolated from black bat flower (tacca chantrieri) in Indonesia [1]
    Readers' perceived credibility and attitudes toward custom and consumer magazines [1]
    Regional mapping of the osteoarthritic joint [1]
    Relating the bicycle frame's geometry to the handling performances considering different riders' physical parameters [1]
    A sense of where they were neoliberals and the Democratic Party in an Era of Challenges and political transformation, 1978-1989 [1]
    A ship set sail from me [1]
    A sociophonetic study of Cape Girardeau, Missouri English [1]