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    Development of web services in academic environment [1]
    Efficacy of organic herbicides in agronomic crops and improvement of soil biota with organic production practices [1]
    Engineering target nanomaterials for stable and efficient delivery of siRNA [1]
    Evolution of environmental news and the 'coconut wireless' : a study of the communication methods and strategies of environmental nonprofits on Kau'i [1]
    Helping behaviors in alcohol related emergencies among University of Missouri students [1]
    How syntactic structure and cue position affect working memory for connected discourse [1]
    Investigating the organizational decision making responsible for corporate social responsibility initiatives [1]
    Investigation of the effects of body type on accelerometer based fall detection [1]
    The Longue Durée of Choctaw Removal, 1800-1860 [1]
    Modeling pedestrian crash severity in St. Louis using random forests and mixed logit techniques [1]
    Novel approach to assessment of efficacy of platelet inhibition by clopidogrel and aspirin in healthy dogs [1]
    Novel DNA Adducts- Chemical Reactions that Model the Generation of interstrand cross-links between a Guanine Residue and a 3'-alkenal end product in duplex DNA [1]
    Novel syntheses and behavior of precious metal nanoparticles [1]
    Performance tests on asphalt mixtures at multiple temperatures and development of pavement temperature maps [1]
    Role of the carotid body chemoreceptors in blood flow and blood pressure regulation in type 2 diabetes [1]
    Rooms that go nowhere [1]
    roomsthatgonowhere [1]
    Simulator study of ridesharing pickup and dropoff area design and evaluation of benefits and applications of tethered surveillance drones (TSDS) [1]
    Systematic assessment of security, privacy and usability of virtual reality learning environment applications [1]
    Use of patient generated health data in ischemic heart disease [1]