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    Assessing perceptions of parents' communication accommodation in relation to sexual and gender minority adult chidren's child-parent communication apprehension and mental health
    Atypical localization of Eph-RTKs in childhood cancer rhabdomyosarcoma
    Atypical localization of eph-rtks in childhood cancer rhabdomyosarcoma
    Battles for branding : political marketing and U.S. Senate debates
    Becoming within entangled spaces of artistic practice, an illustrated autoethnography
    Between the old and the new : Friedrich Gentz, 1764-1832
    Capillary-gravity water waves with vorticity : steady wind-driven waves and waves with a submerged dipole
    A case study of implementing response to intervention in high school
    Characteristics of the high school varsity mixed show choir
    Combat and the possibility of posttraumatic growth
    Comparisons and extensions of reduced form and structural approaches to retirement decision of Missouri public school teachers
    Conservation biogeography of lotic fishes in the Missouri and Colorado River basins
    Course placement : its impact in a Midwestern region school district on achievement, curriculum, instructional strategies, expectations, and perceptions of the program
    Data mining and machine learning methods for chromosome conformation data analysis
    The development and validation of the disaster adaptation and resilience scale
    Development of an experiment for investigating the magnetohydrodynamic richtmyer-meshkov instability
    Dis/embodied leadership : intersections of leadership and social class
    Discourse structure as the scaffolding of stance structure : developments of a central concept in a central site of discursive interaction in bioethics
    Does being real pay off? : examining the impact of perceived authenticity in crisis communication