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    Interventions to support retention and resiliency of homeless students in higher education [1]
    Investigating pore-forming peptides using the atomic force microscope [1]
    An investigation of Jim Collins's Good to Great and applications for rural school districts and their leaders [1]
    An investigation of relationships between Flow Theory and music performance anxiety [1]
    An investigation of urban bat ecology in Baltimore, Maryland [1]
    It is what you know : changes in the structure and role of entrepreneur networks in an industry over time [1]
    Killing "woman" : gender and violence in selected plays by Sheila Callaghan and Marisa Wegrzyn [1]
    La representación de la literatura indigenista e indígena en dos obras Colombianas: José Tombé de Diego Castrillón Arboleda y En Defensa de mi Raza de Manuel Quintín Lame [1]
    #Languagemixing on Twitter [1]
    Leader-member exchange in education : the effects of principal and teacher dyadic relationship quality [1]
    Leadership in action : the influence of leadership practices on reform [1]
    "Little people can learn about race" : thinking with the wake in a first-grade classroom [1]
    The lived experiences of first responders during emergency events involving children [1]
    Local and deep texture features for classification of natural and biomedical images [1]
    The log in my eye : awareness, acceptance, and correction of partisan political bias [1]
    Low-intensity blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury : linking blast physics to biological outcomes [1]
    Major life-changing events and preferred retirement time among older adults : evidence from the 1992 to 2014 health and retirement study [1]
    Managing identities during social change [1]
    "Marijuana Moms" : the collective work of negotiating individual and group identity in the age of cannabis legalization [1]
    Maternal-child nurses' social judgments about types of fathers [1]