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    Dangerous weapons : arms transfer, interstate conflict, and dependence
    Data mining and machine learning methods for chromosome conformation data analysis
    Data-driven methods for analyzing ballistocardiograms in longitudinal cardiovascular monitoring
    Defending an indirect normativity of belief
    The design of fluorescence correlation spectroscopy for single molecule techniques
    The development and validation of the disaster adaptation and resilience scale
    Development of an experiment for investigating the magnetohydrodynamic richtmyer-meshkov instability
    Dis/embodied leadership : intersections of leadership and social class
    Discourse structure as the scaffolding of stance structure : developments of a central concept in a central site of discursive interaction in bioethics
    Does being real pay off? : examining the impact of perceived authenticity in crisis communication
    Dynamic agent safety logic : theory and applications
    The effect of exit exams on college enrollment : a state level analysis
    The effect of the flexible modular schedule on student academic achievement, student behavior, and student development
    The effects of exercise on organizational and personal outcomes : a work-home resources perspective
    Empirical analyses on the effects of economic incentives on teacher retention and teacher quality
    Essays in applied economics
    Essays on applied macroeconomics and monetary policy
    Essays on labor market policies in Korea
    Essays on return predictability and active management
    Establishing a foundation for large DNA transfer to artificial minichromosomes and B insert platforms in maize