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    La representación de la literatura indigenista e indígena en dos obras Colombianas: José Tombé de Diego Castrillón Arboleda y En Defensa de mi Raza de Manuel Quintín Lame
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    Leader-member exchange in education : the effects of principal and teacher dyadic relationship quality
    Leadership in action : the influence of leadership practices on reform
    "Little people can learn about race" : thinking with the wake in a first-grade classroom
    The lived experiences of first responders during emergency events involving children
    Local and deep texture features for classification of natural and biomedical images
    The log in my eye : awareness, acceptance, and correction of partisan political bias
    Low-intensity blast-induced mild traumatic brain injury : linking blast physics to biological outcomes
    Managing identities during social change
    "Marijuana Moms" : the collective work of negotiating individual and group identity in the age of cannabis legalization
    Maternal-child nurses' social judgments about types of fathers
    Mechanizing the metatheory of rewire
    A mixed method phenomenological case study of how members of a democratic micro school experience leadership and democratic principles
    Molecular mechanisms of enzyme dysfunction in human phosphoglucomutase-1 deficiency
    The molecular underpinnings of neuronal cell identity in the stomatogastric ganglion of cancer borealis
    Mugwumps and never trumps : the rhetoric of party bolting and party repair
    Mysteries, philosophy, and self-representation in imperial Rome : Plutarch, Apuleius, and Vettius Agorius Praetextatus
    Neutron scattering and microscopy studies of the structure and dynamics of water near a nanostructured hydrophilic copper oxide surface
    Oh the places you could go : the perceived impact of early career exposure