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    Paleodemographic modeling in the lower Mississippi River Valley
    PCK development of beginning secondary mathematics teachers
    Perceptions of campus climate : rural LGBTQ+ student experiences at a rural midwest university
    Perspectives on inclusion in the general education classroom
    Polarization-induced transport in ferroelelctric organic field-effect transistors
    A practice-based intervention to prepare preservice teachers for inclusion using universal design for learning
    Preparing public school leaders for culturally, linguistically, and religiously diverse communities : an exploratory multiple-case study of faculty in Thailand
    Principal discretion and the use of out-of-school suspension in public high schools
    Privacy preservation in mobile social networks
    A projection from the hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus to the nucleus tractus solitarii is critical for cardiorespiratory responses to hypoxia
    A quantitative program evaluation of the impact of a three-teacher act preparatory model at a midwestern suburban high school
    Reaching digital native music majors : pedagogy for undergraduate group piano in the 21st century
    The relationship between professional learning community implementation and teacher decision-making
    Resource extraction, resistance, and religion in Nicaragua
    Response of beef cattle selected for tolerance to tall fescue toxicosis
    Ruling or being ruled? : the development of citizenship in the Cherokee Nation
    Shapley-like values without symmetry
    Study of magnetohydrodynamic effects for the richtmyer-meshkov instability
    Synthesis and preclinical evaluation of peptide receptor-targeted diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for prostate cancer
    Systematic review and meta-analyses of trendelenburg and prone position on intraocular pressure in adult patients undergoing surgery