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    Racial disparity in police killings : an analysis of 2014 United States lethal force data
    Reaching digital native music majors : pedagogy for undergraduate group piano in the 21st century
    Regional site response and uppermost mantle seismic structure of central and eastern united states
    The relationship between professional learning community implementation and teacher decision-making
    Resource extraction, resistance, and religion in Nicaragua
    Response of beef cattle selected for tolerance to tall fescue toxicosis
    Ruling or being ruled? : the development of citizenship in the Cherokee Nation
    Shapley-like values without symmetry
    Staying, moving, or leaving : exploring how authentic leadership, school culture and climate, and attributes of trust and efficacy affect teacher longevity
    Study of magnetohydrodynamic effects for the richtmyer-meshkov instability
    Synthesis and preclinical evaluation of peptide receptor-targeted diagnostic and therapeutic radiopharmaceuticals for prostate cancer
    Synthesis and reactivity of low-valent uranium and neptunium complexes
    Systematic review and meta-analyses of trendelenburg and prone position on intraocular pressure in adult patients undergoing surgery
    Teacher perceptions of their evaluations : impact of the Network for Educator Effectiveness (NEE) data tool on teacher growth, teacher effectiveness, and learning-centered culture in a Missouri rural public high school
    Technetium and rhenium schiff base complexes for nuclear medicine
    Three essays on agglomeration, strategic orientation, and organizational form
    Three essays on bayesian analysis of nonlinear DSGE models
    Transcending the technical : an examination of spirituality in choral music making for selected public
    Two essays on new B2B sales incentive mechanisms for enhancing selling effectiveness and coordinating inside and outside sales forces
    Understanding the impact of MSHSAA by-law 3.15.3 on participation in Missouri high school athletics from 2008-2016