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    2 Feet 4 Life : feasibility of a foot care self-management intervention for older adults without diabetes [1]
    Aptamers against viral proteins as a tool to answer biological questions [1]
    Behavioral responses of drosophila suzukii (diptera: drosophilidae) to olfactory and visual cues [1]
    Church outreach to Latino/a immigrants in Missouri and their mental health issues [1]
    Comparative machine learning approach for biomarker identification using multiomics data from patients with endometriosis [1]
    Computation of fission product deposition in aerosols [1]
    Computational linguistics using social media to understand immigrant sentiment in the United States [1]
    Developing molecular genetic tools for gene discovery in soybean (glycine max) [1]
    Development of a scale for evaluating screening tests for cancer : attributes patients emphasize (escape) [1]
    The development of clinical reasoning in undergraduate baccalaureate nursing students [1]
    Do teacher ratings of their principals influence their own evaluation scores? : an examination of classroom observation scores from the network for educator effectiveness [1]
    Donor-acceptor copolymers and sol-gel processable zinc oxide for thin film transistors and hybrid photodetectors [1]
    Effect of gender and generation on objective and subjective retirement income adequacy at three points in time [1]
    Effect of irrigation on fertilizer nitrogen requirement, economic returns, and water availability in a corn-soybean rotation [1]
    Engineering novel biomolecular materials for therapeutic peptide payload delivery [1]
    Evaluation for ammonium bifluoride dissolution for application to post-detonation nuclear forensics and rare Earth element extraction [1]
    Examination of biological factors that mediate the influence of physical activity on palatability driven feeding [1]
    Examining cultural specificity of the learning experiences questionaire with women in STEM [1]
    Examining elementary mathematics teachers' justification practices [1]
    Examining the professional development for principals regarding teacher evaluation and the relationship to student achievement [1]