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    The early imperial ceramics as evidence for life at Roman Sardis [1]
    Effectiveness of functional communication training paired with a chained schedule of reinforcement in the reduction of challenging behavior [1]
    Effects of Indigenous-focused curriculum on elementary students' engagement and cultural identity [1]
    Essays on behavioral finance [1]
    Examining the effects of an intergroup dialogue-based diversity and social justice course on students' multicultural competencies [1]
    Examining the mediating role of teacher-related variables on the relationship between classroom management and student social--emotional and behavioral risk [1]
    Federated multimodal simulators in transportation [1]
    For the love of God and country : nation-building and the (re)gendering of emotions in Francoist Spain [1]
    Goal setting in Missouri's model evaluation system [1]
    Imaging-based customization of lattice structures for biomedical applications [1]
    Investigation of rare alleles in maize using the zea synthetic doubled haploid population [1]
    Large-scale soybean genome-wide variation workflow and association analysis using deep learning [1]
    Laser assisted manufacturing of nanomaterials for energy conversion [1]
    Late cretaceous ocean circulation in the south Atlantic and Pacific oceans [1]
    Low strength wastewater treatment using emerging anaerobic treatment processes [1]
    Magical safe spaces : the role of literature in Medieval and early modern magic [1]
    Modeling gibbs point processes through basic function decompositions [1]
    Modulation of HBV infection and replication by cell-derived factors [1]
    More than beer : the complex career of Adolphus Busch [1]
    Motivation for smoking and smoking cessation : a self-determination theory investigation [1]