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    Large-scale soybean genome-wide variation workflow and association analysis using deep learning [1]
    Laser assisted manufacturing of nanomaterials for energy conversion [1]
    Late cretaceous ocean circulation in the south Atlantic and Pacific oceans [1]
    Low strength wastewater treatment using emerging anaerobic treatment processes [1]
    Magical safe spaces : the role of literature in Medieval and early modern magic [1]
    Modeling gibbs point processes through basic function decompositions [1]
    Modulation of HBV infection and replication by cell-derived factors [1]
    More than beer : the complex career of Adolphus Busch [1]
    Motivation for smoking and smoking cessation : a self-determination theory investigation [1]
    Naturalizing epistemology : reconsidering quine and nietzsche [1]
    A new lumped parameter model for coronary blood flow, using nondimensional analysis [1]
    Omputational perspectives of memory storage and gamma oscillation within the amygdala [1]
    Online mental health advocacy groups social support, stigma management and advocacy messaging, and audience reactions to this messaging [1]
    Out-of-core image techniques with extensions for WAMI [1]
    Personalist dictators and the choice of military intervention in civil conflicts [1]
    Policing the boundaries of whiteness : monsters made in the USA [1]
    Process engineering to produce defined hierarchical structures of diatoms for wastewater polishing and micropollutant removal [1]
    Rapid growth in central city : a case study of a growing downtown district [1]
    Rare sequence variation and DNA methylation : effects on alcohol and tobacco use phenotypes [1]
    Reference analysis of non-regular models and nonparametric Bayes modeling of large data [1]