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    Personalist dictators and the choice of military intervention in civil conflicts [1]
    Policing the boundaries of whiteness : monsters made in the USA [1]
    Process engineering to produce defined hierarchical structures of diatoms for wastewater polishing and micropollutant removal [1]
    Rapid growth in central city : a case study of a growing downtown district [1]
    Rare sequence variation and DNA methylation : effects on alcohol and tobacco use phenotypes [1]
    Reference analysis of non-regular models and nonparametric Bayes modeling of large data [1]
    The relations between parenting and prosocial behaviors: mediating roles of moral reasoning and familism in Nicaragua [1]
    Reluctant emancipator : James Sidney Rollins and the politics of slavery and freedom in the border south, 1838-1882 [1]
    Reparative dysfunction during muscle regeneration in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: therapeutic approaches to modulating the muscle environment and muscle stem cells [1]
    Role of microRNAs in the legume - rhizobium nitrogen fixing symbiosis [1]
    Role of S100A9 in diabetic retinopathy [1]
    The role of the vasculature in iron allocation and sensing in plants [1]
    Science frictions : science, folklore, and "the future" [1]
    Sharp things, or the silver lines are not scars [1]
    A silent children's rights movement : an exploration of resilience in former foster children [1]
    Strategies for metal colloidal nancrystal synthesis in sustainable media [1]
    Structural, biochemical, and inhibition studies of proline biosynthetic enzymes [1]
    Synthethic pathways to multiple surface functionalization of polyhedral boranes [1]
    Three essays on China's housing market, monetary policy and macroeconomy [1]
    Transborder ethnic alignments and the interplay between domestic and international violence [1]