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    An analysis of risk assessment questions based on loss-averse preference
    Arizona Public Libraries Serving the Spanish-Speaking: Context for Changes
    Behavior perspectives on making investment mistakes
    Buying high? : the house money effect on DC plan stock investment
    The capital accumulation ratio as an indicator of retirement adequacy
    Changes in financial risk tolerance, 1983-2001
    Changes in public library youth services : a content analysis of youth services job advertisements.
    Chinese urban households' security market participation : does investment knowledge and having a long-term plan help?
    Comparison of time series methods and machine learning algorithms for forecasting Taiwan Blood Services Foundation’s blood supply
    Connecting the Dots: Pedagogy and Student Belief about Reference Sources
    Consumer debt delinquency by family lifecycle categories
    Consumption patterns of Chinese elders: evidence from a survey in Wuhan, China
    Correlates of credit card adoption in urban China
    Debt holding and burden by family structure : patterns and trends in 1989-2007
    Decomposing the age effect on risk tolerance
    Defined contribution plan deferral : what are participants doing?
    Describing vernacular literacy practices to enhance understanding of community information needs: A case study with practical implications.
    Design and evaluation of a personal digital assistant-based alerting service for clinicians
    Determinants of defined contribution plan deferral
    Do market returns influence risk tolerance? : Evidence from panel data