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    Accelerated fill-up of the Arbuckle Group aquifer and links to U.S. midcontinent seismicity [1]
    Advancing family science through public scholarship: fostering community relationships and engaging in broader impacts [1]
    Agroforestry and biodiversity [1]
    An analysis of risk assessment questions based on loss-averse preference [1]
    Analysis of severe elevated thunderstorms over frontal surfaces using DCIN and DCAPE [1]
    APR-246 alone and in combination with a phosphatidylserine-targeting antibody inhibits lung metastasis of human triple-negative breast cancer cells in nude mice [1]
    Are you a werewolf? : Teaching symbolic interaction theory through game play [1]
    Arizona public libraries serving the Spanish-speaking : context for changes [1]
    Autocryopicker : an unsupervised learning approach for fully automated single particle picking in Cryo-EM images [1]
    An automated approach to describing fiction: A methodology to use book reviews to identify affect : [data] [1]
    A BAC transgene expressing human CFTR under control of its regulatory elements rescues Cftr knockout mice [1]
    Bandgap prediction by deep learning in configurationally hybridized graphene and boron nitride [1]
    Behavior perspectives on making investment mistakes [1]
    Beta 3 adrenergic receptor activation rescues metabolic dysfunction in female estrogen receptor alpha-null mice [1]
    Biofluid modeling of the coupled eye-brain system and insights into simulated microgravity conditions [1]
    Buying high? : The house money effect on DC plan stock investment [1]
    The capital accumulation ratio as an indicator of retirement adequacy [1]
    Catalysts for Community Health (C4CH) [1]
    Certain soil surfactants could become a source of soil water repellency after repeated application : [data] [1]
    Changes in financial risk tolerance, 1983-2001 [1]