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    Acting in the new millenium: A personal treatise [abstract]
    Activity patterns and skin microcirculation in healthy young and middle-aged adults [abstract]
    Agenesis of the corpus callosum: A case study [abstract]
    An analysis of type I collagen from the oim model mouse [abstract]
    Antigen-sampling M cells in the hamster Peyer's patch and conjunctiva [abstract]
    Atomic force microscopy measurements of topography and friction on dotriacontane films absorbed on a SiO2 surface [abstract]
    Attitudes and outcome expectancies about driving after alcohol and marijuana use [abstract]
    Avoiding life threatening accidents when using MRI [abstract]
    Beating around the bush : How obfuscation and attractiveness interact in customer perceptions of service providers [abstract]
    Beauty? - Fine art graphic design [abstract]
    BioAnalyzer: A tool for RNA local secondary structure prediction and visualization [abstract]
    Bisphenol A alters messenger RNA expression in prostate mesenchyme cells [abstract]
    Can plant estrogens prevent prostate cancer? [abstract]
    Capillary hydraulic conductivity (Lp) and infection in August Rana pipiens [abstract]
    A case study of supercell thunderstorm merger and tornadogenesis [abstract]
    Characterizing the nutrient content of native Missouri grasses for grazing cattle [abstract]
    Cloning of Slc26a6 from murine small intestine for cystic fibrosis studies [abstract]
    Comparison of ecological structure of two second order streams [abstract]
    Computational study of water transport through carbon nanotubes and channel proteins [abstract]
    Consumer goals and goal hierarchies explored: Fashion favorites of young adult males [abstract]