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  • Global Journalist: Unrest in Israel 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Batrawi, Walid; Bushinsky, Jay; Scham, Paul (2004)
    In this Oct. 28, 2004 program, host Stuart Loory discusses the implications of the Israeli Knesset’s approval of a plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, and the reportedly serious illness of Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat ...
  • Global Journalist: The International Influence of American Elections 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Eisenhauer, Bertram; Sales, Leigh; Kaste, Martin; Fort, Patrick; Volansky, Boris (2004)
    On this October 14, 2004 program, host Stuart Loory speaks with five journalists around the world to gain international perspectives on the 2004 Presidential Election.
  • Global Journalist: The Unsettled Clash Between Palestine and Israel 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Bushinsky, Jay; Abu-Fadil, Magda (2002)
    On this March 28, 2002 program, journalists discuss how a bombing in Netanya, Israel is connected the growing concerns of religious extremism in the Middle East.
  • Global Journalist: The 2006 World Cup Viewed Through an International Lens 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Eisenhauer, Bertram; Fickett, Chris; Gares, Débora; McMillin, Vladimir (2006)
    On this June 8, 2006 program, journalists and sports enthusiasts discussed issues of nationalism, corruption, and American attitudes related to that year's World Cup.
  • Global Journalist: Montenegrin Independence Referendum 

    Scott, Byron T.; Solomon, Dragana Nikolic; Petric, Radomir; Lyon, James; Sala, Guzman (2006)
    On this June 1, 2006 program, host guest host Byron Scott leads a discussion of the recent Montenegrin i ndependence r eferendum Four journalists speculate on what the ramifications of the May 21, 2006 vote might be for ...
  • Global Journalist: Potter Phenomenon 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Atkinson, Lizzie; Weinberg, Tara; Mittal, Trisha; Steiger, Lisa; Hazra, Indrajit; Reynolds, Nigel; Smith, Theresa (2005)
    In this July 21, 2005 program, host Stuart Loory talks to three Harry Potter fans, Lizzie Atkinson in Hall, England, Trisha Mittal in New Delhi and Tara Weinberg in Cape Town, as well as four journalists, Lisa Stieger in ...
  • Global Journalist: A kidnapping in Colombia, a murder in Sweden and a vote against the Euro 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Esta, Yuri; Loose, Cindy; Van Dongen, Rachel (2003)
    This week Global Journalist have a conversation with different journalists about the fate of eight kidnap tourist in Colombia and about who join the EU at last and who is left? In the conversation Stuart Lorry is with Nidia ...
  • Global Journalist: An International Perspective on the 2003 California Governor’s Race 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Vreij, Hans de; Niglasi, Henry; Silva, Carlos Eduardo Lins da (2003)
    This August 8, 2003 program had host Stuart Loory speak with three international journalists to learn how the 2003 California governor’s race, which notably included then-candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, was being covered ...
  • Global Journalist: Nuclear Tension Rises in the Korean Peninsula, and Civil War in Liberia Threatens U.S. Embassy 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Hee, Ahn Chak; Lin, Shao-wen; Iheanacho, David (2003)
    On this July 24, 2003 show, Stuart Loory discusses rising tensions in the world from Liberia to North Korea with a group of journalists.
  • Global Journalist: Illegal Immigration and Asylum Seekers 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Rozemberg, Hernan; Casciani, Dominic; Du, Eric; Lucas, Grahame (2003)
    On this July 3, 2003 program, journalists discuss the current state of illegal immigration, asylum seekers, and where they see future trends leading: specifically in regards to the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, ...
  • Global Journalist: Can the United States avoid war in Iraq? 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Bushinsky, Jay; Taylor, Catherine; Whitaker, Brian; Cobban, Helena (2003)
    In this Jan. 23, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, host Stuart Loory and four journalists discuss the possibility of a war between the United States and Iraq. Guests from the US, UK, Israel and Lebanon weigh in on how ...
  • Global Journalist: Will Mugabe leave? The handgun crisis in the UK 

    Meldrum, Andrew; Swarns, Rachel; Raphael, Adam; Britten, Nick (2003)
    In this Jan. 16, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, Stuart Loory and political correspondents from around the world discussed Robert Mugabe’s resistance to giving up his position as Prime Minister of Zimbabwe. Also, from ...
  • Global Journalist: America's hunt for terrorists and Venezuela’s political crisis 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Merkushev, Alexander; Casas, Sinovia; Buncombe, Andrew; LaFranchi, Howard (2002)
    On this Dec. 19, 2002 program, journalists discuss a new U.S. order permitting the assassination of terrorists and a brewing political crisis Venezuela and what it means for global oil markets.
  • Global Journalist: How oil production affects the world economy 

    Scott, Byron T.; Kenneth, Christopher; Gunson, Phil; Schutze, Greg Ombombio; Bradley, John R. (2003)
    In this May 8, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, host Byron Scott and four journalists from Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria and Russia discuss about how the oil market in OPEC member countries and allies impacts the world ...
  • Global Journalist: The Brewing Conflicts in the Peninsulas 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Schram, Martin; Chinoy, Mike; Choi, Woosuk Ken (2002)
    On this December 26, 2002 program, journalists discuss how nuclear weapons is influencing foreign relations talk in North and South Korea and how the United States is exerting its power in the Korean and Arabian peninsulas.
  • Global Journalist: The next weapons of mass destruction 

    Mujer, Jim; Loory, Stuart H.; Fort, Patrick; Slavin, Barbara; Calabrese, John (2003)
    This Sep. 04, 2003 conversation will give us the glimpse of an understanding if Iran is developing weapons of mass destruction; if so, will it be the next threat for the world? Is Iran really a growing threat?
  • Global Journalist: Global war ON terrorism 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Ali, Maktoum; Gornowa, Alexander; Nair, Sunil (2003)
    This August 28, 2003 conversation demonstrate how the global war on terrorism is a complicated matter even for the United Nations. How do we fight terrorism worldwide? Is the UN will ever agree on the fight on global terrorism?
  • Global Journalist: The killing of Palestinian journalist, Mazen Dana 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Arraf, Jane; Sugarman, Glenys; Hendren, John; Holmes, Paul (2003)
    In this August 21, 2003 program interviewees discussed the killing of Journalist Mazen Dana. In 17 August 2003, Mazen Dana a Reuters cameraman was filming when American soldier shot at his chest. Latter an American spokesman ...
  • Global Journalist: Tony Blair is in Washington, while in a national scrutiny for his Iraq War involvement 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Melser, Rachel; DJeffski, Mary; Connelly, Kate (2003)
    This July 17, 2003 program is about UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s visit to the US as he faces scrutiny at home for his government’s decision to join the US in the war against Iraq. In addition, the program discusses a ...
  • Global Journalist: Byron Scott explores difficulty of anti-corruption reporting 

    Scott, Byron T.; Minic, Zlatko; Lobachek, Ivan; Petric, Radomir (2003)
    This is a conversation on June 12, 2003 between Byron Scott and journalists discussing the difficulties of reporting in the Balkans in the midst of corruption and crime. Guests from Serbia, Croatia, and Montenegro weigh ...

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