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[Collection created March 2020.]

Recent Submissions

  • Global Journalist: The future of Voice of America 

    Ensor, David; Austin, Danforth; Khalil, Vardha; Clary, Grayson (2020)
    On this program, journalists discussed what's going on with Voice of America and the future of the organization. Host: Levi Moltz-Hohmann. Guests: David Ensor, Danforth Austin, Vardha Khalil, Grayson Clary. Producers: Cam ...
  • Global Journalist: The future of space exploration: United States, Russia, and China 

    Bodeen, Christopher; Cabbage, Michael; Morton, Oliver; Saradzhyan, Simon (2004)
    On this February 12, 2004 program of Global Journalist, science journalists discuss the ambitions of space programs between the United States, Russia, China, and how they all occupy in the same realm of space exploration. ...
  • Global Journalist: President Bush visits Africa 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Balikowa, David Ouma; Macauley, Winston Ojukutu; Ahaneku, David E.; Lowe, Raymond (2003)
    In this July 10, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, host Stuart Loory leads a discussion on President Bush's visit to Africa and his effort to alleviate the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Host: Stuart Loory. Guests: David Ouma Balikowa, ...
  • Global Journalist: Mugabe's press crackdown during re-election: President Bush's Asia trip 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Zielenziger, Michael; Choi, Woosuk (Ken); Peta, Basildon; Shillinger, Kurt (2002)
    On this February 21, 2002 Global Journalist program, host Stuart Loory speaks with four journalists about the controversial campaign of Zimbabwe's incumbent candidate for president, Robert Mugabe. They also talk about the ...
  • Global Journalist: Middle East matrix and the role U.S. plays 

    Scott, Byron T.; Cockburn, Patrick; Ahmed, Amir; Idiz, Aemih; Aker, Khaled Abu (2003)
    In this June 19, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, host Byron Scott and four journalists from Iraq, Egypt, Turkey and Palestine discuss about the Middle East matrix from these countries' perspectives, the role the U.S. ...
  • Global Journalist: Siege on Moscow amid global terrorism crisis 

    Scott, Byron T.; Gogichaishvili, Akaki; Pisik, Betsy; Merkushev, Alexander; Zolotov, Andrei (2002)
    Global Journalist, October 31, 2002 show: On October 31, 2002, Chechen terrorist rebels sieged a theatre in Moscow taking hundreds of occupants hostage. Byron Scott discusses the media coverage of the Moscow theatre hostage ...
  • Global Journalist: Prospects for George Bush’s second term and Middle East peace 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Kepp, Michael; Rentoul, John; Schleifer, S. Abdallah; Du, Eric (2004)
    In this November 4, 2004 episode of Global Journalist, Stuart Loory and political correspondents from around the world discuss foreign attitudes regarding the re-election of President George Bush. Also, Loory speaks with ...
  • Global Journalist: Iraqi elections 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Jamail, Dahr; Zanger, Maggy; Schram, Marty (2005)
    In this January 27, 2005 program of the Global Journalist, host Stuart Loory talks to three journalists, Dahr Jamil in Baghdad, Maggy Zanger in Tucson, and Marty Schram in Washington about whether the upcoming elections ...
  • Global Journalist: Iraq War and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Bushinsky, Jay; Cross, Tony; Jones, David; Bahour, Sam (2002)
    In this Sepember 26, 2002 episode of Global Journalist, host Stuart Loory and four journalists discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the upcoming war against Iraq. Guests from the US, Palestine, Israel and France ...
  • Global Journalist: Did Facebook's "pivoted to video" cause publishers to face plant? 

    Hook, Trevor; Thompson, Derek; Willens, Max; Owens, Simon (2020)
    On this December 11, 2020 Global Journalist program, journalists discuss the media industry's "pivot to video." The trend was led by Facebook and lasted from 2015 to 2018. The journalists discuss the casualties of the ...
  • Global Journalist: How other countries view the 2020 U.S. election 

    Dupenor, Pierre; Hernandez, Juan Luis Garcia; Nakambule, Sabenzile; Elemia, Camille; Gorbachev, Alexey; Shams, Noreen; Tran, Ha Thi Thu; Somvanshi, Kieran; Nyongesa, Paul Udoto; Kayode, Adetola; Bogojevic, Radovan; robinson, Isaac (2020)
    This October 29, 2020 episode features interviews by Missouri School of Journalism students in Beverly Horvit's International Reporting class with reporters from around the world about the 2020 presidential campaign. The ...
  • Global Journalist: News fight to find their voice in the post #MeToo Era 

    Matsumoto, Chie; Hankir, Zahra; Geisler, Jill; Vilk, Viktorya; Van Nostrand, Jim; Smith, Nichelle (2020)
    In this October 22, 2020 show, Global Journalist talks to journalists around the world about what's changed in newsrooms -- and what has not changed -- since the #MeToo movement ignited international demands for greater ...
  • Global Journalist: Unrest in Israel 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Batrawi, Walid; Bushinsky, Jay; Scham, Paul (2004)
    In this October 28, 2004 program, host Stuart Loory discusses the implications of the Israeli Knesset's approval of a plan to withdraw from the Gaza Strip, and the reportedly serious illness of Palestinian leader Yasser ...
  • Global Journalist: The International Influence of American Elections 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Eisenhauer, Bertram; Sales, Leigh; Kaste, Martin; Fort, Patrick; Volansky, Boris (2004)
    On this October 14, 2004 program, host Stuart Loory speaks with five journalists around the world to gain international perspectives on the 2004 Presidential Election.
  • Global Journalist: The Unsettled Clash Between Palestine and Israel 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Bushinsky, Jay; Abu-Fadil, Magda (2002)
    On this March 28, 2002 program, journalists discuss how a bombing in Netanya, Israel is connected the growing concerns of religious extremism in the Middle East.
  • Global Journalist: The 2006 World Cup Viewed Through an International Lens 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Eisenhauer, Bertram; Fickett, Chris; Gares, Débora; McMillin, Vladimir (2006)
    On this June 8, 2006 program, journalists and sports enthusiasts discussed issues of nationalism, corruption, and American attitudes related to that year's World Cup.
  • Global Journalist: Montenegrin Independence Referendum 

    Scott, Byron T.; Solomon, Dragana Nikolic; Petric, Radomir; Lyon, James; Sala, Guzman (2006)
    On this June 1, 2006 program, host guest host Byron Scott leads a discussion of the recent Montenegrin i ndependence r eferendum Four journalists speculate on what the ramifications of the May 21, 2006 vote might be for ...
  • Global Journalist: Potter Phenomenon 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Atkinson, Lizzie; Weinberg, Tara; Mittal, Trisha; Steiger, Lisa; Hazra, Indrajit; Reynolds, Nigel; Smith, Theresa (2005)
    In this July 21, 2005 program, host Stuart Loory talks to three Harry Potter fans, Lizzie Atkinson in Hall, England, Trisha Mittal in New Delhi and Tara Weinberg in Cape Town, as well as four journalists, Lisa Stieger in ...
  • Global Journalist: A kidnapping in Colombia, a murder in Sweden and a vote against the Euro 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Esta, Yuri; Loose, Cindy; Van Dongen, Rachel (2003)
    This week Global Journalist have a conversation with different journalists about the fate of eight kidnap tourist in Colombia and about who join the EU at last and who is left? In the conversation Stuart Lorry is with Nidia ...
  • Global Journalist: An International Perspective on the 2003 California Governor’s Race 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Vreij, Hans de; Niglasi, Henry; Silva, Carlos Eduardo Lins da (2003)
    This August 8, 2003 program had host Stuart Loory speak with three international journalists to learn how the 2003 California governor's race, which notably included then-candidate Arnold Schwarzenegger, was being covered ...

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