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[Collection created March 2020.]

Recent Submissions

  • Global Journalist: NATO in the leadup to the Iraq War 

    Lucas, Graham; Ruslan, Pierre; Symonds, Matthew; Schram, Martin (2003)
    In this Feb. 13, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, host Stuart Loory interviews four panelists about the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in advance of an important Security Council meeting to determine if the ...
  • Global Journalist: As the world eyes Iraq, Venezula and Ecuador face challenges 

    Scott, Bryon; Otero, Miguel; Johnson, Tim; Netevade, John (2003)
    In this Jan. 9, 2003 episode of Global Journalist, guest-host Byron Scott interviews four panelists about the political strife plaguing Venezuela and Ecuador at a time when many eyes were only turned to Iraq.
  • Global Journalist: How a sports reporter challenged Romania’s oligarchy 

    Arena, Kassidy; Wilson, Tawnie; Nanau, Alexander; Tolontan, Catalin; Kiesow, Damon (2020)
    In 2015, victims of a fire in a Romanian nightclub began to dying of infections in hospitals where they were being treated for their burns. Sports reporter Catalin Tolontan and his team investigated the government-run ...
  • Global Journalist: Photojournalists on working through a pandemic 

    Duncan, Kat; Hook, Trevor; Porter, Kent; Cornwell, Paige; Gonzalez, Carlos (2020)
    In these highlights of a March, 20, 2020 webinar, three photographers for West Coast news outlets discuss the challenges they face to keeping the public informed and themselves safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Global Journalist: GJ Talks 2003 G8 Summit 

    Scott, Byron; Lin, Shaowen; Merkushev, Alexander; Romagnoli, Alberto; Naidu, Edwin (2003)
    This June 5, 2003 program features guest host Byron Scott speaking with four international journalists about their perspectives on the G8 summit held in Évian, France.
  • Global Journalist: From Ebola to COVID 

    Mertz, Regan; Champion, Don; Serrie, Jonathan (2020)
    On this May 3, 2020 program, two veteran journalists compared their own reporting on an Ebola outbreak six years with the current COVID coverage. They discussed storytelling tools, techniques and challenges. Host: Regan ...
  • Global Journalist: Covering two deadly viruses 

    Paxton, Isabella; McMeil, Donald G. Jr; Phillips, Lynelle (2020)
    On this April 22, 2020 program, interviewees discussed the reporting on the Zika virus and COVID-19. They also discussed the relationship between the press and public health officials when reporting on pandemics and ...
  • Global Journalist: Reporting under quarantine and censorship 

    Hall, Brenda; Feng, Yibing; Baragona, Steve (2020)
    On this February 28, 2020 program, VOA journalists discuss reporting on COVID-19 from China and the ways the Chinese government restricts information journalists and whistleblowers are allowed to share with the public. ...
  • Global Journalist: Singapore confronts a second coronavirus 

    Hamzah, Aqil; Balji, P. N.; Wee, Eugene (2020)
    On this April 27, 2020 program, veteran news editors in Singapore discussed how journalists there are adapting to COVID-19 by applying the lessons learnt from SARS, another coronavirus which hit the country in 2003. Host: ...
  • Global Journalist: Expectations for 2003 : war on terrorism, nuclear weapons, trade 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Louw, Raymond; Chon, Shi-yong; Kirshock, Dan (2003)
    In this conversation from January 2, 2003, Stuart Loory asks several journalists what they expect to be the big stories in 2003. Among their predictions: the war on terrorism, the North Korean nuclear weapons program, ...
  • Global Journalist: Japan's new trade relations with Africa 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Due, Eric; Lin, Shaowen; Ngidi, Tommy (2003)
    In this Oct. 2, 2003 Global Journalist program, guests discuss Japan effort to make new trade partners in Africa. How could this shift the world trading order and relations? The group also discusses Japan’s billion-dollar ...
  • Global Journalist: Fair trade and subsidizing rich farmers 

    Winfield, Betty; Tognolli, Claudio; Hillgren, Sonja; Colebatch, Tim; Becker, Elizabeth (2003)
    On this Sept. 11, 2003 Global Journalist program interviewees discussed how subsidizing farmers in rich countries is affecting the developing world. Are small holder farmers benefiting from the subsidy? What would be the ...
  • Global Journalist: Violence in the Middle East, soccer in America 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Bahour, Sam; Bushinsky, Jay; Wittes, Tamara; Thompson, Oliver; Goff, Steve; Woitalla, Mike (2003)
    This July 31, 2003 Global Journalist program features journalists discussing the ongoing violence in the Middle East as Israel and Palestine attempt to come to an agreement for talks of peace. Later, the discussion shifts ...
  • Global Journalist: International view as UN Security Council debates Iraq War 

    Scott, Byron T.; Idiz, Semih; Dimitrova, Milena; Shortt, Eoghan; Rodriguez Reyna, Ignacio (2003)
    This conversation on the March 6, 2003 Global Journalist show features several journalists from around the globe describing how their countries' governments view the Iraq War as the United Nations Security Council continues ...
  • Global Journalist: Global perception of U.S.'s stance on Iraq War build-up 

    Loory, Stuart H.; English, Ben; Bronker, Wendy; Due, Eric; Izarra, Andrés (2003)
    In this February 20, 2003 conversation on the Global Journalist, Stuart Loory interviews several journalists on the relations between the U.S. and Australia, the Netherlands, Japan, and Venezuela concerning the build-up ...
  • Global Journalist: Will the US ever use a nuclear weapon again? 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Pincus, Walter, ǂd 1932-; Pearl, Dror; Abdul Karim, Khalid; Zlobin, Nikolai, ǂd 1957- (2002)
    On this March 14, 2002 Global Journalist program discussed prospects for Middle East peace and whether the United States might use a nuclear weapon again, following Pentagon plans to build low yield nuclear weapons. Host: ...
  • Global Journalist: Photojournalists on working through a pandemic 

    Duncan, Kat; Hook, Trevor; Porter, Kent; Cornwell, Paige; Gonzalez, Carlos (2020)
    In these highlights of a March 20, 2020 Global Journalist webinar, three photographers for West Coast news outlets discuss the challenges they face to keeping the public informed and themselves safe during the COVID-19 ...
  • Global Journalist: Reconstruction after the Iraq War 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Lichfield, John; Slatina, Senad; Sultana, Razia (2003)
    This is a Global Journalist conversation from April 17, 2003 between Stuart Loory and journalists on what to expect for the reconstruction process following the end of the war in Iraq. They examine past reconstruction in ...
  • Global Journalist: Reporters on the Iraq War 

    Loory, Stuart H.; Hamarneh, Jennifer; Meier, Reinhard; Lucas, Edward; Sneider, Dan (2003)
    This Global Journalist show from April 3, 2003 features several journalists discussing how they view the recent progress of the American and British forces in the Iraq war. Jennifer Hamarneh, at the time the editor-in-chief ...
  • Global Journalist: GJ talks lessons learned by foreign journalists at MU Journalism Program 

    Scott, Byron; Cattell, Rosia; Dimitrova, Milena; Hadar, Rashid (2003)
    This May 15, 2003 program of Global Journalist featured guest host Byron Scott speaking with three international journalists who spent the last year learning about American media at the Missouri School of Journalism through ...

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