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  • The pronunciation of Missouri place-names 

    Picinich, Donald George (University of Missouri., 1950)
    With the current nationwide acceptance of the daily newscast as an integral part of American Journalism, radio news editors have become increasingly aware in recent years of the importance in having their newscasters ...
  • A critical history of the Texas Christian Advocate, 1849-1949 

    Barron, John Daniel (University of Missouri, 1952)
    Before Tohaikovsky wrote his Fifth symphony and the year Wordsworth died, preachers with guns and an old hand press were publishing a newspaper on the Texas frontier. The preachers were Methodists and they called their ...
  • The natural gas controversy 

    Berven, Charles Ernest (University of Missouri, 1956)
    "During the first and second Session of the Eighty-Fourth Congress the natural gas controversy evolved into a vital national issue. Not only was the issue "hotly" contested in Congress but it was also highly controversial ...
  • Holts Summit (Devonian) conodonts from Missouri 

    Zalusky, Donald W. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    The conodonts of a previously unrecognized Upper Devonian formation, the Holts Summit, are unusually abundant and include unique forms which have not been elsewhere reported from strata of North America. An assemblage from ...
  • Storage facilities of Missouri country elevators 

    Yager, Francis Preston (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The objectives are to determine adequacy of present storage facilities by Crop Reporting Districts and to provide information for decisions relative to location, capacity, type, remodeling, and rebuilding of country ...
  • Pricing and trading practices of country elevators in Missouri 

    Williams, Dorwin L. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The purpose of the study is to obtain information concerning the pricing and trading practices of country grain elevators in Missouri that will be of value to grains producers, elevator operators, and others who are ...
  • Life history of the swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus Aquaticus) in Missouri 

    Toll, John E. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "This study was designed to provide information about various phases of the life history of the swamp rabbit, with special emphasis on home ranges and the reproductive cycle. Field work was begun in June, 1956, and ended ...
  • Till-fabric analysis of the farmdale drift of northwestern Illinois 

    Soderstrom, Glen S. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    Till-fabric analyses were made at five stations, three in Farmdale till, one in Farmdale drift too sandy and sorted to be termed till, and one in Illinoian till for comparison. Local inferrred ice-flow directions were ...
  • Conodonts from isolated Devonian outcrops 

    Smoot, Virginia B. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    Shales, sandy shales, and sandstones were sampled from isolated outcrops at Sulphur Springs and at Coal Hollow in Ste. Genevieve County. An attempt was made to find the answers to the following questions: (1) Can the ...
  • An application of foraminiferal ecology Vicinity of Horn Island, Mississippi 

    Smith, William T. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    Foraminifera were examined in 159 samples cut from 23 piston c ores collected in the vicinity of Horn Island, Mississippi. The age of the oldest marine sediment cored is approximately 5000 years . The following data on ...
  • A cloud chamber for cosmic-ray studies at sea level 

    Smith, Orville Lee (University of Missouri, 1958)
    The design, construction, and operation of an electronically controlled expansion cloud chamber to detect soft showers produced by mu-mesons is described. The cloud chamber is sued in conjunction with a Geiger-tube telescope ...
  • The Kansas City Post : its founding, growth and decline 

    Shoemaker, Francis Floyd (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "It is the purpose of this study to trace the history of The Post, chronicling its contributions to Kansas City journalism, its innovations, additions, editorial position, campaigns and staff. This study is concerned ...
  • Paper electrophoresis of rat serum and muscle proteins during hypothermia and cold acclimatization 

    Shields, Jimmie L. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The present study is designed to follow the course of the electrophoretic pattern of the serum proteins and water extractable muscle proteins during cold acclimatization. Body weight changes and body temperatures were ...
  • Associated Press teletypesetter wire service usage by Missouri afternoon dailies 

    Payne, Robert K. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The purpose of the study which will be described in the following pages is to analyze the content of the Missouri state teletypesetter wire, and to see what use is made of it by the sixteen afternoon dailies it serves."--Page2
  • Symbolic description in the early novels of Francois Mauriac 

    Osborne, Barbara Neel (University of Missouri, 1957)
    "The inspiration for this study is found in Nelly Cormeau's L'Art de Francois Mauriac, written in 1951. In her discussion of Mauriac's expression, she points out his tendency to create a link between his characters and the ...
  • Sports column writing : a comparison of ten 1957 and five 1927 columnists 

    Oliver, Charles Montgomery (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "It is the purpose of this study to: (1) Compare the sports column style of the 'Golden Era of Sports'(1927) with our modern (1957) columnists and (2) To analyze the content of the modern sports columns as exemplified in ...
  • Intracellular distribution of pentobarbital sodium in rat brain 

    Oen, Carol Jean (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The major effect of the barbiturates is depression of the central nervous system, but the way in which these drugs exert their effect is not yet well understood...As the biochemical functions of the cell and its various ...
  • The effects of supplemental fat and methionine hydroxy analogue on cellulose digestion in wether lambs 

    Lyons, Donald Thomas (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of different levels of two types of fat on cellulose diges tion in lambs on a poor quality roughage. Methionine hydroxy analogue, the alpha keto acid of methionine, ...
  • Factors influencing income and production efficiency on Missouri dairy farms, 1955 and 1956 

    Leonard, Eugene A. (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The purpose of this project is to study the competitive position of Missouri dairy farms using business records of dairy farmers in order to determine the cost of producing milk on farms of different sizes (economic of ...
  • The demonstration of glucose-6-phosphate phosphatase activity in the intestinal mucosa of the bullfrog Rana catesbeiana (Shaw) 

    Lawrence, Addison Lee (University of Missouri, 1958)
    "The objective of this thesis then, is to determine if the enzyme glucose-6-phosphate phosphatase can be demonstrated in frog intestinal mucosa, and the determine the optimum conditions for its study."--Page 6

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