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    The demonstration of glucose-6-phosphate phosphatase activity in the intestinal mucosa of the bullfrog Rana catesbeiana (Shaw) [1]
    Effect of antemortem stress on postmortem beef and lamb carcass characteristics. [1]
    The effects of stress upon erythrocyte resistance in pedigree clean, known carrier and dwarf beef cattle [1]
    The effects of supplemental fat and methionine hydroxy analogue on cellulose digestion in wether lambs [1]
    Factors influencing income and production efficiency on Missouri dairy farms, 1955 and 1956 [1]
    Growth rate and plumage development of the redhead duck (aythya americana) [1]
    Holts Summit (Devonian) conodonts from Missouri [1]
    Intracellular distribution of pentobarbital sodium in rat brain [1]
    The Kansas City Post : its founding, growth and decline [1]
    Kashmir: 1947-59 : A case study of the role of the United Nations in the Pacific settlement of international disputes. [1]
    Life history of the swamp rabbit (Sylvilagus Aquaticus) in Missouri [1]
    Missouri place names theses [1]
    The modern Chinese press on Taiwan [1]
    The natural gas controversy [1]
    Operating characteristics of an air cooled refrigeration condenser [1]
    Paper electrophoresis of rat serum and muscle proteins during hypothermia and cold acclimatization [1]
    The price-quality relationship of lint cotton in five local markets in southeast, Missouri, 1951-1953 [1]
    Pricing and trading practices of country elevators in Missouri [1]
    Progress in becoming established in farming [1]
    The pronunciation of Missouri place-names [1]