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    The natural gas controversy [1]
    Operating characteristics of an air cooled refrigeration condenser [1]
    Paper electrophoresis of rat serum and muscle proteins during hypothermia and cold acclimatization [1]
    The price-quality relationship of lint cotton in five local markets in southeast, Missouri, 1951-1953 [1]
    Pricing and trading practices of country elevators in Missouri [1]
    Progress in becoming established in farming [1]
    The pronunciation of Missouri place-names [1]
    The publishing empire of Bernarr Macfadden [1]
    The radio broadcasting enterprise of Free China [1]
    Some aspects of the life history of the black redhorse (moxostoma duquesni lesueur) with reference to its association with the smallmouth bass (micropterus dolomieui lacepede) in two south central missouri streams, the niangua and the big piney [1]
    Some features of scoring as a tool in beef cattle selection [1]
    Sports column writing : a comparison of ten 1957 and five 1927 columnists [1]
    Storage facilities of Missouri country elevators [1]
    A study of magnesium and body fluids of the rat during cold acclimatization [1]
    A study of the Japanese translation of Huckleberry Finn [1]
    A study of the Warrensburg sandstone [1]
    Symbolic description in the early novels of Francois Mauriac [1]
    Till-fabric analysis of the farmdale drift of northwestern Illinois [1]
    The use of Table Rock Reservoir projectile points in the delineation of cultural complexes and their distribution [1]
    A voice for justice : the Tuscaloosa News views the Autherine Lucy incident [1]