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    Capturing the strategic pivot: Identifying the performance outcomes of new venture pivots [1]
    Comparing Multiple Measure Placement Models in Mathematics [1]
    Compression for Machine Vision and Beyond [1]
    Cooperative wireless relay networks and the impact of fade duration [1]
    Development and Assessment of the Adoptee Experiences of Microaggressions Scale (AEMS) [1]
    Differences Between Licensed Healthcare Professionals with Substance Use-Related Licensure Discipline [1]
    Differentiation of self, vocational identity, and career indecision: the mediating role of goal instability among college students [1]
    Enabling Electronic Structure Calculations of High Z Element Containing Materials Using Dirac Relativistic DFT Methods [1]
    Enriching Knowledge Graphs Using Machine Learning Techniques [1]
    Exploring Mental Health Screening and Linkage to Care among Young African American Men [1]
    Exploring school nurse workload through the lived experiences of school nurses caring for students kindergarten through fifth grade [1]
    Facilitators and Barriers to Cervical Cancer Screening Among African American Women [1]
    Finding Your Pulse: Insidious Trauma, Psychological Distress, and Collective Action Among Sexual Minority Latinx [1]
    Income Inequality, Household Borrowing, and the Business Cycle [1]
    Interprofessional Simulaton Among Healthcare Students: A Randomized Controlled Trial to Improve Communication Self-Efficacy [1]
    Investigating the Predictive Validity of the Self-Blame Attributions for Cancer Scale in Patients with Head and Neck and Lung Cancer [1]
    Investigation of functional domains of drosophilia tribbles protein in the insulin signaling pathway [1]
    Labor Market Outcomes and Employment Policy [1]
    Learning Efficient Deep Feature Extraction For Mobile Ocular Biometrics [1]
    Learning to Walk the Walk: Narrative Exploration of Diversity Training for Higher Education Teaching [1]