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    Modeling HIV-1 Infection in the Brain: The Effect of the Blood-Brain Barrier [1]
    Money, Work, and Mass Extinction: Transformational Degrowth and the Job Guarantee [1]
    Multi-hazard resilience assessment of river-crossing bridges [1]
    Narrative as a Critical Component for Violent Weaker Actor Success [1]
    Nursing Faculty Perspectives Regarding the Effectiveness of Prelicensure Nursing Education [1]
    Nursing Student Perceptions of the Effects of Interprofessional Communication and Teamwork on Time to Rescue [1]
    Ocular motion classification for mobile device presentation attack detection [1]
    On the advancement of core/shell titanium dioxide nanomaterials for microwave absorption [1]
    Perceptions of Burnout Among Black Pastors of Small Churches: A Phenomenological Study [1]
    Resilience and survivability of 5G networks [1]
    Secondary traumatic stress and countertransference in survivor therapists: the role of empathy and differentiation of self [1]
    Sequential Sampling Designs for Estimating Software Reliability [1]
    Social Comparison of Body Image in Middle-Aged Women: Implications for Body Image Theory [1]
    Structure-Function Analysis of the Tribbles Pseudokinase [1]
    Telling Stories of Teacher-To-Teacher Trust in Culturally Relevant Teaching Professional Development [1]
    The case for humble and narcissistic leadership: creative self-efficacy and idea generation in entrepreneurial settings [1]
    The Holistic Course Delivery: A Novel Pedagogy for Collegiate Introductory Computer Programming [1]
    The Investigating Meaning/Purpose and Connectedness (IMPACT) Study: A Comparative Case Study of Parents of Adult Children with Schizophrenia [1]
    The Objectification and Blame of Revenge Porn Victims [1]
    The Propel Program: A Exploratory Study of an Inclusive Higher Education Model [1]