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    A Family Affected By Autosomal Dominant Non-Syndromic Tooth Agenesis - A Genetic Study [1]
    A History and Assessment of Jonathan Larson's Rent [1]
    Allied Armada, A Dynamic Soundtrack for a Real-Time Strategy Computer Game [1]
    An Arbitrary CRCW PRAM Algorithm for Sorting Integers Into a LinkedList and Chaining on a Trie [1]
    Associations Between Benefit Finding, Disease Severity, Positive Affect, and Health Outcomes Among Patients in Cardiac Rehabilitation [1]
    AudioCNN: Audio Event Classification With Deep Learning Based Multi-Channel Fusion Networks [1]
    Beyond Prima Donna: Pauline Viardot’s Collaboration on Meyerbeer’s Le Prophète, Gounod’s Sapho, and Berlioz’s Arrangement of Orphée [1]
    Caregiver Level Predictors of Self-Regulation in Preschool-Aged Children [1]
    Class Representative Projection for Text-based Zero-Shot Learning [1]
    Deep Open Representative Learning for Image and Text Classification [1]
    DeepSampling: Image Sampling Technique for Cost-Effective Deep Learning [1]
    Distributed Collaborative Framework for Deep Learning in Object Detection [1]
    Early Versus Delayed Tracheostomy in Mechanically Ventilated Patients With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease [1]
    Effects of fluoride varnish application and phosphate buffered saline solution with or without demineralizing conditions prior to bracket bonding on subsequent enamel-bracket shear bond strength [1]
    Eleanor of Provence: Virago [1]
    Electronic Structure of Three Center Two Electron Bonds in Boron Rich Materials: A Study of Molecules, Crystals, and Amorphous Solids using the ab initio Orthogonalized Linear Combination of Atomic Orbitals Method [1]
    Evelyn Gleeson and The Dun Emer Guild: Redefining a Woman’s Place in the Arts [1]
    Expanding Theatre: Directing Approaches from Contemporary Chilean Women Directors [1]
    From the King’s Will to the Law of the Land: English Forest Litigation in the Curia Regis Rolls, 1199-1243 [1]
    Getting to Know Rodgers and Hammerstein: Education and Adaptation in 21st-century performance [1]