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    Reconstructing the 71 Gulch eruption: Implications for the Evolution of Phreatomagmatic Eruptions and their Products
    Red Things
    Redating Pericles: A Re-examination of Shakespeare’s Pericles as an Elizabethan Play
    Refinement and Applications of Light Controlled Biological Processes
    The Relationship between Change Talk during Motivational Interviewing and HIV Medication Adherence
    The Relationship Between Economic Growth and Fossil Fuel Energy Consumption Growth in Net Energy-Importing Emerging Economies
    The relationship between police and citizen collaboration regarding crime in multifamily rental complexes
    The Relationship Between Positive and Negative Religious Coping, Depressive Symptoms, and Adherence to Health Behaviors in Cardiac Rehabilitation Patients: The Role of Pereceived Control
    Religiosity and Engagement in HIV Care Among African American People Living with HIV
    Religiosity, ethnic identity, and risky sexual behavior in an African American church-affiliated population
    Rendering assistance to best advantage: the development of women's activism in Kansas City, 1870 to World War I
    Representation of Kansas City in the Priests of Pallas Parade
    Representations of Insanity in Art and Science of Nineteenth-Century France: From the Demonic to the Degenerate
    Representations of the Dreaming Mind in Nineteenth-Century French Art
    Representative Bureaucracy and Racial Profiling in Missouri
    The Reproduction of Empire of Capital through Incursions of Capitalist Processes into Non-capitalist Processes Since 1989
    Resistance networks as a model for conduction on the nano-scale
    Resource Transformation Through Capitalization Processes in Community Economic Development
    Rhythmic auditory-motor entrainment of gait patterns in adults with blindness or severe visual impairment
    Ripening Kinetics of Iron Sulfides in the Presence/Absence of a Carbonyl Group