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    Setting the Stage for Kansas City talent and Diversity The KC Meltingpot Theatre
    Several ways of seeing
    Sexual assault Prevention Programs: Examining the effects on Middle School Adolescents' Attitudes and Behaviors
    Shadows and light - a story collection
    The Shape of the Room as Silence
    The shepherd of the hills
    The show-man goes to war: a full-length play
    Silicon on Ferroelectric Insulator Field Effect Transistor (SOFFET): A Radical Alternative to Overcome the Thermionic Limit
    Simulating Urban Landscape Transformation: Implications for Urban Wetlands at Multiple Scales
    Smokey the ‘Praying’ Bear: Changing Cultural Attitudes Towards Nature in America During the Postwar Era, 1948 - 1958
    Smoking cessation counseling: What do physicians really say and how do they say it?
    Social Support and Health Behaviors in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Depression as a Mediator
    Socioeconomic Status, Acculturation, Family Characteristics, and Health Behaviors: Testing the Reserve Capacity Model with Hispanic Adolescents
    Some Alternatives to Model Selection and New Approaches to Computing for the Economics. 12/6/2014
    "Something at Least Human": Transatlantic (Re)Presentations of Creole Women in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture
    A Spatial Theory of School Closure: An Examination of School Closure in America
    Spatiotemporal Modeling and Analysis of Disease Spread in Wildlife
    The spectacle haunting Europe: colonialism, commercialism, and everyday images of Africa in imperial Germany
    The spider in the web: the weaving of a new, Lancastrian England in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries