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    Structural and enzymatic characterization of bacterial cell wall enzymes: focus on penicillin-binding proteins
    Structure and Mechanical Properties of Cement and Intermetallic Compounds via ab-initio Simulations
    Structure and Physical Properties of Hydrogrossular Mineral Series
    The Structure of Production and Portfolio Decisions of Investment
    Studies of Conjugated Small Molecules, Polymers and Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Materials for Photovoltaic Applications
    A Study of EMI-TFSI Using Current Sensing Atomic Force Microscopy
    The Study of Initiation Systems and Formulations for the Development of a Novel Silorane Biomaterial
    Sublime Underdogs
    Subversion of the gaze Degas and the social implications of his Dancers
    Subversive exposure: realism and masquerade in Song Byeok's art practice
    Surveilling Women’s Bodies in Pursuit of Fetal Anatomical Normality: Framing Risk and Responsibility in American Print News Coverage of the Zika Virus
    The Surviving Parties
    Sustained release nanoparticles containing acyclovir prodrugs for ocular herpes simplex keratitis and characterization of folate transport proteins in a corneal epithelial cell line
    Sympathetic Arousal During Approach-Avoidance Decision- Making
    Synthesis and analysis of siloranes for use as a biomaterial and extended twisted molecular ribbons
    Synthesis and Electrocatalytic Properties of Structure Engineered First-Row Transition Metal Derivatives
    Synthesis of Communications: A Spiritual Voice Amidst Belligerent Noise
    Synthesis, Characterization and Device Studies of Conjugated Foldamers
    Synthesis, morphologies and applications of polyoxometalate-containing diblock copolymers
    Synthesis, self-assembly and applications of tribenzopenta-phene derivatives and triphenylene-based conjugated foldamers