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    A Gathering of Voices: Storytelling with Nilo Cruz and Students in the Urban Core
    Generalized Koszul Properties of Commutative Local Rings
    Generalized Multiplicative Error Models: Asymptotic Inference and Empirical Analysis
    Geochemical and mineralogical analysis of pre-Columbian stone tools from La Piedra Pintada, Baja California Sur, Mexico
    Geochemical evaluation of the Younger Dryas Boundary (YDB) impact hypothesis, El Carrizal Baja California Sur, Mexico
    A geography of the heart
    George Catlin and the Pipestone Quarry: paradise of the red gods
    Geosciences Literature Searching
    Geostatistical analysis of land use/land cover changes and population growth trends in the Komadugu-Yobe River Basin in Nigeria
    Geostatistical integration of core and well log data for high-resolution reservoir modeling
    The Ghost in the Machine: Frances Perkins’ Refusal to Accept Marginalization
    A GIS compilation of field data from the Smith's Fork Archaeological Site (23CL223), Clay County, Missouri
    Goethe's Plant Morphology: The Seeds of Evolution
    Goya and the grotesque: a study of themes of witchcraft and monstrous bodies
    A great leader's spirit never sleeps : a memorial tribute to the late Ndzundza Ndebele King Mayitjha III
    Growth of Semiconductor Thin Films by Pulsed Laser Deposition
    Gulshan Muraqqa’: An Imperial Discretion
    HAPSIMU: a genetic simulation platform for population-based association studies
    Hayv Kahraman’s Bodyscreens: Skin, Depth, and Surface
    Health care access of Hispanic immigrants in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area