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    Camille Claudel: The Struggle for Artistic Idenity [1]
    "Can I get a second opinion?" How user characteristics impact trust in automation in a medical screening task [1]
    Can We Be Trained to Eat Healthy? The Effects of an Attentional Bias Modification Program on Eating Behavior [1]
    The Cardiac Self-Blame Attributions Scale as a Predictor of Physical and Mental Health Outcomes in Underrepresented Patients with Cardiovascular Disease [1]
    Caricature as the record of medical history in eighteenth-century London [1]
    A Case Study of the Literacy Experiences of 3rd Grade Struggling Readers with the Use of Interactive Digital Books [1]
    The changing face of Joan of Arc: the appropriation of Joan of Arc in twentieth-century American theatre [1]
    The changing paradigm of state sovereignty In the international system [1]
    Chapel Hill, Missouri: Lost Visions of America's Vanguard on the Western Frontier 1820 to 1865 [1]
    Characteristic Mode Analysis of Crumpled Graphene Flakes and A New Green’s Functions Evaluation Method for Layered Media [1]
    Characterizing Impacts of Land Use and Land Cover Change on Urban Runoff Potential Using the HEC-GeoHMS Model [1]
    The Cherry Orchard [1]
    Choosing the Best Course: Cultural and Social Influences on the Female Mathematics Graduate Students at the University of Kansas in the 1890s [1]
    Clean Break [1]
    Clear, Aqueous Topical Nanomicelle Formulation For Diabetic Macula Edema [1]
    Cleared to land in the desert: commercial air travel's role in the growth and development of Las Vegas as a world-class travel destination [1]
    Cloud of unknowing and present-day Christian mystical practice [1]
    Cohomology of Finite Modules over Short Gorenstein Rings [1]
    Collateral damage: anti-communism & U.S. cultural policy [1]
    A Collection of Primary Source Texts Related to the History of Christianity: The Early Church [1]