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    A Tale of Two Risks: The Framing of HIV Transmission Risk in Health Brochures
    Talking Texts with Teachers: A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Secondary English Language Arts Teachers and Their Text Selection Practices
    The technical director: the history, the legacy, and a glimpse behind the curtain
    Teens in Transition: Evaluating a Youth Violence Intervention Program
    Temporal discounting and body mass index in college students
    The Lieber Codes Effectiveness in Jackson County, Missouri
    Theatre for Young America: A History
    Theatre of community: healing functions of theatre in society
    Then Came a Post : Postcards and the Challenge of Communication During The Great War
    The Theological Edifice of Modern Experiential Protestantism: Schleiermacher, Kierkegaard, and Palmer’s Reconstruction of nineteenth Century Pietism
    A Theory of Consumer Fraud in Market Economies
    Theory of Mind in Multiple Sclerosis: Disease Subtype Differences and Association with Measures of Social Functioning
    There is No Absolution for Us Here: An Anthology of Essays
    Things We Once Knew
    Threads Bared
    Three Essays on Public Money Creation, Endogenous Bank Credit Creation, and Remaining Empirical Issues: Interest Rates and Inflation
    Three Paths To Religious Integration In Ernest Hemingway’s War Fiction
    Toby Dick Ellis: Richard Elsenpeter's career in tent repertoire theatre, television, and marionette puppetry
    Tollbooth at the Edge of the World
    Topical Clear Aqueous Nanomicellar Formulation for Anterior and Posterior Ocular Drug Delivery