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    Caricature as the record of medical history in eighteenth-century London [1]
    Chapel Hill, Missouri: Lost Visions of America's Vanguard on the Western Frontier 1820 to 1865 [1]
    Collateral damage: anti-communism & U.S. cultural policy [1]
    The commodification of art : Ndebele women in the stream of change [1]
    A comparison of soil characteristics in relation to success of a restored prairie [1]
    Computational Modeling of a-SiO₂ Nanoparticles and their Electronic Structure Calculation [1]
    Conformational and Structural Determinations of Substituted Four and Five Membered Rings by Infrared, Raman, and Microwave Spectral Studies [1]
    Constructing massive blue elliptical galaxies in the local universe [1]
    Correlates of gender and achievement in introductory algebra based physics [1]
    The Coterie Theatre’s Transition from Children’s Theatre to Multigenerational Theatre: 1991-2014 [1]
    Crafting the past: the appropriation of found photography in the African-American revisionist art of Betye Saar [1]
    Critical Realism and the Biographical Film Project [1]
    Cued affective modulation of startle reflex as a measure of emotion regulation [1]
    Cul-de-Sacs [1]
    Dance as a Community of Practice: Exploring Dance Groups in the Kansas City Area through the Lifespan [1]
    Daniel H. Burnham: his legacy to American architecture [1]
    "Defective childhoods": television news and the social construction of the 'child in need' [1]
    Design and optimization of nanoformulation loaded with HIV microbicides [1]
    Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel intercalator analogs targeting therapeutically important polymerases and folded RNA [1]