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    Dance as a Community of Practice: Exploring Dance Groups in the Kansas City Area through the Lifespan [1]
    Daniel H. Burnham: his legacy to American architecture [1]
    "Defective childhoods": television news and the social construction of the 'child in need' [1]
    Design and optimization of nanoformulation loaded with HIV microbicides [1]
    Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel intercalator analogs targeting therapeutically important polymerases and folded RNA [1]
    Detecting change-points in a Compound Poisson Process [1]
    Detection of diesel leakage from underground storage tank using time domain reflectometry [1]
    Determinants of Earnings for Asian Immigrants in the Kansas City Metropolitan Area [1]
    Detrimental Determinants: The Impacts of Neoliberalism on Pro-Environmental Behaviors [1]
    Development and characterization of advanced nitric oxide-delivering polymeric systems against cardiovascular complications [1]
    Development and evaluation of novel in situ depot-forming controlled release formulations [1]
    Development of drug conjugates in cancer therapy and evaluation of dual siRNA silencing effect on breast cancer growth and invasion [1]
    Developmental state and agriculture for development: lessons for Ghana from East Asia [1]
    Dialogue at the Threshold: The Artist Between Museum and Community [1]
    Diego Rivera: constructing a myth [1]
    Dining and revelry in French rococo art [1]
    Discrimination and health: how being Hispanic can make you sick [1]
    Distinction in death: an analysis of individuality, sociality, and brand consumption in contemporary American funeral practices [1]
    Diverse Struggles to Preserve Tribal Identity on the Plains: Religion as Survival Strategy in the Late Nineteenth Century among the Lakota and Osage [1]
    Does politics stop at the water's edge? The state as a unitary actor in international relations and the effect of presidential transitions on selected foreign policy behaviors [1]