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    Making the connection: J.B. Murray and the scripts and forms of Africa [1]
    Manifest Manhood on the Santa Fe Trail: Trapping and Trading in the American Southwest, 1821-1847 [1]
    Mathematical Analysis of Compressive/Tensile Molecular and Nuclear Structures [1]
    Mathematical problem-solving styles in the education of deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals [1]
    The Medical Record [1]
    A medicare benefit expansion: inpatient clinical and economic outcomes in deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's Disease [1]
    Medicine of the Ancient Near East and Egypt Through Artifacts [1]
    A Medieval tale: Saxons, Normans and the telscombe ring [1]
    Meretites' Faience Ushebtis: An Analysis and Determination of their Production in a Late Period or Ptolemaic Workshop [1]
    Modeling aerosols formed in the ring pack of a reciprocating piston [1]
    Modern money theory and ecological tax reform: a functional finance approach to energy conservation [1]
    Modernizing the public space: gender identities, multiple modernities, and space politics in Tehran [1]
    Molecular assembly of polycyanoarenes with silver salts and synthesis of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbonds [1]
    Molecular structure determination: solid-state NMR applications [1]
    More than a river: using nature for reform in the progressive era [1]
    Motivational Interviewing for encouraging quit attempts among unmotivated smokers: Study protocol of a randomized, controlled, efficacy trial. [1]
    Motives Relating to Internet Usage Among Korean Adolescents [1]
    Multi-scale analysis of urban wetland changes using satellite remote sensing techniques [1]
    A multi-scale modeling study of the impact of land surface heterogeneity on the convective boundary layer in the U.S. Midwest [1]
    Multifunctional Banking and Financial Fragility: What Should Banks Do? [1]