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    A Quack on Trial: Advertising and Education in Missouri's Medical Marketplace, 1850--1890 [1]
    Quality of life in individuals with eating disorders [1]
    The Relationship between Change Talk during Motivational Interviewing and HIV Medication Adherence [1]
    Rendering assistance to best advantage: the development of women's activism in Kansas City, 1870 to World War I [1]
    Representation of Kansas City in the Priests of Pallas Parade [1]
    Rhythmic auditory-motor entrainment of gait patterns in adults with blindness or severe visual impairment [1]
    The Risk of Recidivism and the Positive Achievement Change Tool Pre-Screen (PACT-PS): An Initial Validation and Basic Program Implementation Evaluation [1]
    Ritonavir - A Novel Multidrug Resistance Modulator in Cancer Chemotherapy and Ocular Neovascular Diseases [1]
    Road/Map/Canvas [1]
    Role of Membrane Transporters in Drug Delivery, Drug Disposition And Drug-Drug Interactions [1]
    Sandoz Writing (Righting) History [1]
    Scientific Evidence on the Environmental and Health Effects of Land Application of Biosolids [1]
    Seismic characteristics and strain of coal during the sorption of CO2 and CH4 [1]
    Seismic Vulnerability Analysis of Scoured Bridge Systems [1]
    Sequential Designs with Application in Software Engineering [1]
    Social Support and Health Behaviors in Cardiac Rehabilitation: Depression as a Mediator [1]
    Socioeconomic Status, Acculturation, Family Characteristics, and Health Behaviors: Testing the Reserve Capacity Model with Hispanic Adolescents [1]
    "Something at Least Human": Transatlantic (Re)Presentations of Creole Women in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture [1]
    The spectacle haunting Europe: colonialism, commercialism, and everyday images of Africa in imperial Germany [1]
    The spider in the web: the weaving of a new, Lancastrian England in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries [1]