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    1897 Exposition Congolaise, Tervuren: Colonialism and the Belgian Avant-Garde
    Ab initio calculations of mechanical, thermodynamic and electronic structure properties of mullite, Iota-alumina and boron carbide
    Ab initio computational applications of electronic structure and spectroscopic Properties of bulk Crystalline materials
    Ab initio computational applications to complex biomolecular systems
    Access to Nature, Access to Health: The Government Free Bathhouse at Hot Springs National Park, 1877 to 1922
    Addressing On-Chip Power Conversion and Dissipation Issues in Many-Core System-on-a-Chip based on Conventional Silicon and Emerging Nanotechnologies
    Agents unto Themselves: Reconstructing the Narrative of Women’s Roles in the Anglo-Saxon Conversion
    Agro-pastoral Landuse Transformation: Implications and Perspectives in the Northwest Region of Cameroon
    Alderman Jim Pendergast
    Alternatively certified and traditionally certified secondary school mathematics teachers' student success on the Missouri Assessment Program
    American Anxiety: Stories
    Ana Mendieta- a search for identity
    Another Beast Entirely
    Application of Ab Initio Calculations and Molecular Dynamics to Collagen and Brome Mosaic Virus
    Application of ab initio calculations to collagen and brome mosaic virus
    The application of Jungian archetypes to the analysis of character in three early plays by W. B. Yeats
    ART adherence changes among patients in community substance use treatment: a preliminary analysis from MACH14
    Art in Scale: Barbara Marshall and the Fine-Scale Miniature Movement
    "Art is religion:" Adolf Hoelzel's modernism
    Art Monster: Stories and a Novella