The Department of English Language and Literature offers programs of study that lead to the Bachelor of Arts, the Master of Arts, the Master of Fine Arts, and the Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy degrees. In the undergraduate program, students may pursue a general English program, or they may choose an emphasis in creative writing or secondary English education. Four minors in English are offered: Language and Literature; Creative Writing; Writing; and Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing. M.A. in English students may focus their studies on Literature or may elect the Language and Literature track or the Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing track. The M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Media Arts is an interdisciplinary program leading to a terminal degree. English is an academic discipline eligible for full participation in the University's Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program.

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Recent Submissions

  • Elegit Domum sibi Placabilem: Choice and the Twelfth-Century Religious Woman 

    Brown, Linda Dorothy (2015)
    This dissertation probes medieval sources to identify how and why women made transformative choices in their own lives and analyzes the consequences of those choices. The major case study investigates the life of Marie ...
  • Wichita Barren 

    Hamer-Beck, Erin N. (2015)
    On the surface, Ramey Stewart has it all. She is married to the most powerful man in Wichita; she is beautiful and rich beyond the dream of avarice. But there is one thing missing from her perfect life: children. After ...
  • Whereof we cannot speak 

    Bayless, Peter Neil Deubner (2014)
  • Machined Music 

    Clifton, Brian (2014)
    In this master thesis, the candidate presents his collection of original poems, accompanied by a critical introduction, which explains his writing and revision process. In the critical introduction, careful attention is ...
  • Falsetto With Sour Cherries 

    Varanka, Barbara Kristina (2013)
    In this master thesis, the candidate presents her collection of original poems, accompanied by a critical introduction, which explains her writing and revision process. In the critical introduction, careful attention ...
  • The Death Of Greater Man 

    Salestrom, Nicholas George (2013)
    While many of the stories in this collection deal with the population and physical space of the state of Nebraska (both in the current era and in speculation on the state’s future), every story in the collection deals ...
  • Beneath Mark Twain: Judgments of Justice and Gender in Twain's Early Western Writing, 1861-1873 

    Roark, Jarrod (2013)
    By the time Samuel Clemens began writing journalism and crafting what he called the “sensation hoax” for Virginia City’s Territorial Enterprise in 1862, Americans had been devouring sensational novels and journalism by ...
  • Things We Once Knew 

    Pivovar, Christine Marie (2013)
    Nostalgia looms large in the stories and essays of this collection. Many of the characters find it hard to reconcile their current selves with who they used to be. A mountain climber loses his nerve and with it his sense ...
  • The Fiction We Make Between Us 

    Myers, Marcus (2013)
    This manuscript contains two sections, “Quiet Project” and “Notes for a Memoir,” each of which could later expand into a separate chapbook, or a section of a book, of poems. In the first section, “Quiet Project”, the ...
  • The Brain is an Iceberg 

    Murphy, Jordan D. (2012)
    The stories in this collection focus on utilizing formal experimentation in order to illuminate the struggles of characters. For example, the title story focuses a couple that enters a photo booth and leaves with a doomed ...
  • From Revolution To Ruin: A Preliminary Look at Rwanda’s First Two Presidents, Grégoire Kayibanda and Juvénal Habyarimana, and Their Administrations 

    Childress, Stephen E. (2015)
    This paper brings together primary and secondary materials from a vast number of sources related to the first two presidents of Rwanda, Grégoire Kayibanda and Juvénal Habyarimana, in a preliminary look at the men and ...
  • You People: A Collection of Stories and Essays 

    Jacquinot, Liz C. (2015-08-11)
  • Road/Map/Canvas 

    Joshi, Sameer (2015-07-28)
    The poems in this thesis explore the connection between imagination, space and belonging. Actual landscapes provoke imaginative responses. A small town in South Peru becomes the focus of desire, belonging and nostalgia. ...
  • The Medical Record 

    Hirthler, Maureen A. (2015-07-28)
    A collection of personal essays, “The Medical Record” is an exploration of my life in medicine. It has three primary goals. First, to portray an accurate account of my training and practice as a female physician, with ...
  • Sandoz Writing (Righting) History 

    Wenburg, Jullian Leigh (2015-06-19)
    Mari Sandoz’s dedication to her research topics, personality, candor, and work ethic allowed her an intimate place alongside those she chose to write about. This yielded a moving written product. In the same way that Sandoz ...
  • "Something at Least Human": Transatlantic (Re)Presentations of Creole Women in Nineteenth-Century Literature and Culture 

    Huston, Kristin Nicole (2015-06-19)
    Throughout the nineteenth century, Creole women were consistently idealized, exoticized, and demonized in literature and culture on both sides of the Atlantic. While the term Creole is still hotly contested even today, ...
  • No Place Like Home 

    Honaker, Greyson (2015-06-02)
    This collection of stories portrays a variety of lives dealing the aftereffects of loss. In “Robert the Lionheart” a boy seeks the DNA of his parents to recreate them and struggles with what that might mean. In “Weeds” ...
  • Home Almost 

    Leggard, Teresa (2015-05-27)
    This thesis explores the concept of home, what it means to be at home – or not at home – in one’s nation, family, dwelling or even in one’s own body. The speakers in these poems, whether through participation, observation ...
  • Cul-de-Sacs 

    Handley, Brandi (2014-09-30)
    The following eleven stories are a culmination of three years of investigation through creative writing of life at home and family relationships. While the stories are closely related by theme, the form of each piece varies ...
  • Art Monster: Stories and a Novella 

    Cook, Elizabeth Anne (2014-08-27)
    Monsters external and internal stalk the margins of the stories and novella that make up this collection. Though each selection engages in its own distinct exploration of the monstrous, the pieces hint at a shared question: ...

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