The Department of English Language and Literature offers programs of study that lead to the Bachelor of Arts, the Master of Arts, the Master of Fine Arts, and the Interdisciplinary Doctor of Philosophy degrees. In the undergraduate program, students may pursue a general English program, or they may choose an emphasis in creative writing or secondary English education. Four minors in English are offered: Language and Literature; Creative Writing; Writing; and Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing. M.A. in English students may focus their studies on Literature or may elect the Language and Literature track or the Manuscript, Print Culture, and Editing track. The M.F.A. in Creative Writing and Media Arts is an interdisciplinary program leading to a terminal degree. English is an academic discipline eligible for full participation in the University's Interdisciplinary Ph.D. program.

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  • Threads Bared 

    Navarro, Michelle Marie (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This thesis is part response part exploration into the world of those fighting and losing the battle over addiction. It is meant to follow the progression of addiction, from the root causes beginning in early childhood ...
  • Ozark Superstitions: A Collection 

    Marsden, Mariah E. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This collection of linked short stories explores the storytelling traditions of a family that continues to deal with the results of a past trauma in their day-to-day lives. The three members of the Taile family struggle ...
  • Three Paths To Religious Integration In Ernest Hemingway’s War Fiction 

    Pingelton, Timothy James (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2018)
    My dissertation studies religiosity in Ernest Hemingway’s war fiction in terms of how his soldier characters connect to the divine. The means to understanding this connection is in refining how the characters express ...
  • A Narrative Inquiry into Experiences of Teaching Reading 

    Crump, Sara Lyn (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2018)
    In recent years, educators have been paying attention to reading instruction and reading strategies in English classes at the high school level for several reasons. One of those reasons is the adoption of Common Core ...
  • Praire Madness 

    Mays, Nancy K. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    Prairie Madness is a collection of fiction and non-fiction that examines the impact and power of loneliness, both lifelong and momentary. In some of this work, loneliness fuels acts of courage; in others it triggers denial ...
  • Sublime Underdogs 

    Lutz, Angela (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    It is my hope that this collection of stories, Sublime Underdogs, uncovers the beauty and the pain in unique aspects of the human experience: a lonely young woman who is terrified of getting cancer, for instance, or a ...
  • American Anxiety: Stories 

    Carlson, Anders James (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This collection of stories largely deals with anxiety felt by people in small-town, rural America in the twenty-first century. Ranging from an old woman afraid of change to a veteran returning home to a people’s militia ...
  • Mississippi People 

    Baltz, Christopher Jay (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    Mississippi people is a collection of short stories and essays written during the course of my three years at UMKC. The characters within, even the one's that aren't from Mississippi themselves, all have a bit of ...
  • Red Things 

    Russo, Matthew (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    Comprised of a collection of short stories and a full-length screenplay, this thesis is a demonstration of the author's progress as a writer. The stories are literary realism set in St. Louis, Missouri, particularly ...
  • Burning Houses: A Novel 

    Thomas, Tassinda Joy (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    When Cat Byers’ mother dies and leaves her and her sister a surprise inheritance of 10 million dollars and 500 acres of oil land, a woman adrift must overcome her unresolved past and a mysterious stalker to discover ...
  • The Surviving Parties 

    Biersmith, Benedict E. (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This thesis is a collection of short stories that were written and re-written between my time as an undergraduate at Columbia College and my time as a Graduate Student at UMKC. These stories were picked out from many ...
  • Possibility and Process in Post Secondary Service Work: Constructing a Critical Pedagogy of Service 

    Ferrel, Thomas Robert (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    This project examines the worth, experience, and process of post-secondary faculty service work. Service represents a third of the trifurcated, traditional understanding of a professor’s work; however, universities and ...
  • Straight Jackets, and Other Escapes 

    Weiss, Randall Joseph (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
  • Ghost Fists 

    Geminder, Emily Carlson (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    Ghosts animate the stories and essays of this collection in ways both bodied and disembodied—as loops, as refrains, as stories that can’t be outrun. Moving across time and space to consider collective memory in Cambodia, ...
  • World to Word: Nomenclature Systems of Color and Species 

    Kelley, Tanya (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2017)
    As the digitization of information accelerates, the push to encode our surrounding numerically instead of linguistically increases. The role that language has traditionally played in the nomenclature of an integrative ...
  • Creep City and Five Short Stories 

    Cashill, Flannery (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    This collection includes one novella and five short stories, focused on young women and their formative experiences. These stories explore themes of sexuality, latent violence, changing technology and weird feelings. ...
  • Its Golden Boat 

    Williamson, Robert (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    This graduate thesis in creative writing focuses on memory, fear, and growing up. The speaker undergoes a coming-of-age from child to adult, his fears and desires also growing and changing. Its themes and motifs include ...
  • The House that Grief Built 

    Vreeland, Ramona Anne (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    This book-length collection of poetry weaves together themes of family, religion, food, gardening, and grief as experienced by the author and her relatives. Through the eyes of a first-generation American (on her mother’s ...
  • The Weckerlin Family’s Commitment to a Monastic Vow: Medieval Bookmaking in Nineteenth-Century Alsace 

    Blanton, Virginia; Morris, Melissa (Benedictine Sisters - Mount St. Scholastica, 2016)
    This article examines the 1887 Weckerlin illuminated manuscript housed at Mount St. Scholastica, a Benedictine convent in Atchinson Kansas.
  • Weckerlin illuminated manuscript, page 109v 

    CODICES project:; Weckerlin, Victor (1887)
    Scanned page of the 1887 Weckerlin illuminated manuscript housed at Mount St. Scholastica, a Benedictine convent in Atchinson Kansas.

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