• Burning Houses: A Novel 

    Thomas, Tassinda Joy (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    When Cat Byers’ mother dies and leaves her and her sister a surprise inheritance of 10 million dollars and 500 acres of oil land, a woman adrift must overcome her unresolved past and a mysterious stalker to discover ...
  • Feminizing Grief: Victorian Women and the Appropriation of Mourning 

    Gleeson, Miun Sara (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    The Victorians didn’t invent the culture of mourning. But they certainly codified how the culture of grief should be one largely shouldered and sustained by women. Mourning rules for women were characterized by restraint ...
  • Ghost Fists 

    Geminder, Emily Carlson (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    Ghosts animate the stories and essays of this collection in ways both bodied and disembodied—as loops, as refrains, as stories that can’t be outrun. Moving across time and space to consider collective memory in Cambodia, ...
  • The House that Grief Built 

    Vreeland, Ramona Anne (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    This book-length collection of poetry weaves together themes of family, religion, food, gardening, and grief as experienced by the author and her relatives. Through the eyes of a first-generation American (on her mother’s ...
  • Its Golden Boat 

    Williamson, Robert (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)
    This graduate thesis in creative writing focuses on memory, fear, and growing up. The speaker undergoes a coming-of-age from child to adult, his fears and desires also growing and changing. Its themes and motifs include ...
  • Straight Jackets, and Other Escapes 

    Weiss, Randall Joseph (University of Missouri--Kansas City, 2016)