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    Constructing Comanche: Imperialism, Print Culture, and the Creation of the Most Dangerous Indian in Antebellum America
    Cultural and Social Influences on the Female Mathematics Graduate Students at the University of Kansas in the 1890s
    Development Theory and the Cold War: A Historical Analysis of Latin American Structuralism from 1930 to 1970
    Diverse Struggles to Preserve Tribal Identity on the Plains: Religion as Survival Strategy in the Late Nineteenth Century among the Lakota and Osage
    Duplicity: The University of Missouri Confronts Gay Lib, 1971-78
    Elegit Domum sibi Placabilem: Choice and the Twelfth-Century Religious Woman
    Fanning the Flames of Discontent: The Free Speech Fight of the Kansas City Industrial Workers of the World and the Making of Midwestern Radicalism
    Feminizing Grief: Victorian Women and the Appropriation of Mourning
    For conscience's sake: the 1839 emigration of the Saxon Lutherans
    Forgetting strength : Coffeyville, the black freedom struggle, and the vanishing of memory
    From Pop Culture to Nuclear Debate: The Impact of The Day After in Lawrence and Kansas City
    From ‘Remedy Highly Esteemed’ to ‘Barbarous Practice’: The Rise and Fall of Acupuncture in Nineteenth-Century America
    The Ghost in the Machine: Frances Perkins’ Refusal to Accept Marginalization
    Here comes Athena! : a representation of Kansas City in the Priests of Pallas Parade
    A History of Yemeni Mobility
    Hunting Freedom: The Many Paths to Emancipation in Civil War Missouri
    I consign her wretched walk, her words, deeds, and evil talk: erotic magic and women in the ancient Greco-Roman world
    Imagining and performing The Self in NAZI Germany: Leisure and travel in the correspondence of Hilde Laube and Roland Nordhoff, 1938-39
    Insanity, rhetoric and women : nineteenth-century women's asylum narratives
    The Johnson Treatment: Cold War Food Aid and the Politics of Gratitude