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    Preparation Of Oligonucleotide Delivery Agents And Insulin Depot Materials Using Solid Phase Synthesis
    Preparation of Pentablock Nanomicellar Formulations for Prostate Cancer Drug Delivery Systems
    Preparation, Characterization and Performance Study of Modified Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals for the Lithium-Ion Battery
    Presentation and performance of gender and sexuality in early English defamation litigation
    Presidential illness and disability: the health and performance of presidents from 1789-1901
    Press Start: Narrative Integration in 16-bit Video Game Music
    Pressure-impulse diagrams using finite element analysis for reinforced concrete columns subjected to blast loading
    Pressure-impulse diagrams using finite element analysis for reinforced concrete slabs subjected to blast loading
    Pressure-induced phase transitions in select molybdates and tungstates
    Pretrial Supervision’s Prediction for Probation
    Pricing, price stability, and post Keynesian price theory
    Pro-Black Prosody
    Problematic internet use: exploring the roles of attachment and social competency
    Processing speed and working memory training in multiple sclerosis: a blinded randomized controlled trial
    Prodrug Approach to Improve Oral and Brain Absorption of HIV Protease Inhibitor, Lopinavir
    The Production of Space, Place, and Food: The Ecology of Money and the Emergence of Transformative Circuits of Money Capital
    Progenitor or Mere Predecessor: A Study of Ukiyo-e's Place in the Development of Modern Manga Through the Works of Rumiko Takahashi
    Program and Personal Factors as Predictors of Spiritual Competence
    Proinflammatory Cytokine / Chemokine Expression in Human Astrocytes: Induction by HIV-1 Nef
    Promoting ethical behavior among local government employees: the roles of ethical leadership, ethics codes, training, and audits