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    Potential Mechanisms for Inhibition of Breast Cancer by Novel Azaresveratrol Analogs: Implications of Estrogen Receptor, Estrogen Metabolism and Cell Death Pathways [1]
    The power of teacher-student relationships in determining student success [1]
    PPDQ-BG: Parallel Partition and Distributed Query Processing for Big Graphs [1]
    Practical Applications of Infrared, Raman and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopic Techniques for Qualitative, Quantitative and Structural Analysis of Pharmaceutical Drugs, Cementitious Material and Organic Molecules Containing Phosphorous [1]
    Practical Memristor Emulator Circuit Development Techniques for Analog Applications [1]
    Praire Madness [1]
    Praising Girls: The Epideictic Rhetoric of Young Women, 1895-1930 [1]
    Pray for the lights to go out: the portrayal of Blacks in Kansas City published sheet music [1]
    Pre-Service Teachers' Dispositions Toward Sexual Orientation: The Before and After a Multicultural Education Course [1]
    Predicting Personal and Relational Recovery from Infidelity in Committed Relationship: A Moderated Mediation Model [1]
    Predicting the STEM Outcomes of Academically Qualified Women: A Longitudinal Examination of Social Cognitive Career Theory [1]
    Predictors of performance-based measures of instrumental activities of daily living in stroke survivors [1]
    Predictors of Receipt of Counseling Services from Religious Leaders in African American Church Populations [1]
    Preferences for Shared Decision-Making Between Physicians and Patients: Is Age a Factor? [1]
    Preparation Of Oligonucleotide Delivery Agents And Insulin Depot Materials Using Solid Phase Synthesis [1]
    Preparation of Pentablock Nanomicellar Formulations for Prostate Cancer Drug Delivery Systems [1]
    Preparation, Characterization and Performance Study of Modified Titanium Dioxide Nanocrystals for the Lithium-Ion Battery [1]
    Presentation and performance of gender and sexuality in early English defamation litigation [1]
    Presidential illness and disability: the health and performance of presidents from 1789-1901 [1]
    Press Start: Narrative Integration in 16-bit Video Game Music [1]