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    Raman, Infrared and Microwave Spectra, Conformational Stability, R₀ Structural Parameters and Vibrational Assignments of Some Organoamines, Organophosphines, Alcohols And Substituted Four And Five Membered Rings
    A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing Equine-Assisted Therapy and Exercise Education for Adults and Older Adults with Arthritis
    A Randomized Controlled Trial Comparing the Effect of Duration of Manual Expression and Breastfeeding Self-Efficacy on Milk Volumes in Mothers of Premature Infants: The MERIT Study
    Rapping gender and violence? Addressing violence and gender with a content analysis of rap lyrics
    (Re)constructing Johann Sebastian Bach: reception history and performance practice in New York City during the Great War
    Re-imaging the Spaces of Femininity: Vanessa Bell and the Domestic Interior
    Reasons Why Low-Income Women in Northwest Missouri Do Not Access No-Cost Mammography Services
    Recent Advances in Hetaryne Chemistry. Efforts Toward the Development of a Single Platform for the Generation of 4,5-, 5,6-, and 6,7-Indole Arynes
    Recent Advances in Indole Aryne Cycloaddition Chemistry. Part I: Total Synthesis of (±)-cis-Trikentrin B. Part II: Investigation into the Regioselectivity of 6,7-Indole Aryne Cycloadditions. Part III: Synthesis and Reactions of Novel Tribromoindoles
    Reciprocal exchange: understanding the community partner perspective in higher education service-learning
    Reconsidering George Gershwin and an American in Paris as an extension of the romantic tradition
    Reconstructing the 71 Gulch eruption: Implications for the Evolution of Phreatomagmatic Eruptions and their Products
    Recovery from Infidelity: Exploring Variables Related to the Healing Process
    Red Things
    Redating Pericles: A Re-examination of Shakespeare’s Pericles as an Elizabethan Play
    Reduction of Power and Virtual Machine Migration Inside a Cloud Datacenter
    Redundant adder architectures for cell-based technology
    Redwall Symphonic Poem for Orchestra
    Refinement and Applications of Light Controlled Biological Processes
    Reframing School Readiness: Case Studies of African-American and Latina Head Start Parents