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    Sustained release nanoparticles containing acyclovir prodrugs for ocular herpes simplex keratitis and characterization of folate transport proteins in a corneal epithelial cell line [1]
    Swallowing frogs [1]
    Sympathetic Arousal During Approach-Avoidance Decision- Making [1]
    Symphonic Poem No. 1, Poems on Stone Drums, for Full Orchestra [1]
    Symphony No. 2 (“Brasiliana”) by Walter Burle Marx: an edition and commentary [1]
    Synthesis and analysis of siloranes for use as a biomaterial and extended twisted molecular ribbons [1]
    Synthesis and Electrocatalytic Properties of Structure Engineered First-Row Transition Metal Derivatives [1]
    Synthesis of Communications: A Spiritual Voice Amidst Belligerent Noise [1]
    Synthesis, Characterization and Device Studies of Conjugated Foldamers [1]
    Synthesis, Characterization and In-vivo Testing of Photoactivatable Insulin Depots for Continuously Variable and Minimally Invasive Insulin Delivery [1]
    Synthesis, morphologies and applications of polyoxometalate-containing diblock copolymers [1]
    Synthesis, self-assembly and applications of tribenzopenta-phene derivatives and triphenylene-based conjugated foldamers [1]
    A Tale of Two Risks: The Framing of HIV Transmission Risk in Health Brochures [1]
    Talking Texts with Teachers: A Narrative Inquiry into the Experiences of Secondary English Language Arts Teachers and Their Text Selection Practices [1]
    TaskDo: A Daily Task Recommender System [1]
    Teacher perceptions of principal leadership behaviors and morale : A descriptive case study [1]
    Teacher Perceptions of Student Growth Measures in Performance Evaluation [1]
    Teacher Reported Preparedness: A Study of One Midwest Metropolitan School District [1]
    Teacher social justice advocacy for children: a scale development and preliminary validity [1]
    Teaching Undergraduate Music Theory Through World Music [1]