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    The application of Jungian archetypes to the analysis of character in three early plays by W. B. Yeats [1]
    Application of Wrapper Methods to Non-Invasive Brain-State Detection: An Opto-Electric Approach [1]
    Application-Aware Network Design Using Software Defined Networking for Application Performance Optimization for Big Data and Video Streaming [1]
    An Approach for Fast Score Computation in Bayesian Network Structure Learning Over Large-Scale Distributed Data [1]
    Arab Muslim international students' lived experiences in a U.S. higher education institution [1]
    Archistrategos [1]
    Are Functional Limitations Predictive of Use of Complementary and Alternative Medicine by Chronic Pain Patients? [1]
    Art in Scale: Barbara Marshall and the Fine-Scale Miniature Movement [1]
    "Art is religion:" Adolf Hoelzel's modernism [1]
    Art Monster: Stories and a Novella [1]
    The art songs of Jaime León: a textual and musical analysis [1]
    Aspiration Differences in Female High School Students Based on Parents' Education Level [1]
    Assembling the Fragments: A Collection of Essays [1]
    Assessing Social Motivations During Vaccination Decisions [1]
    Assessing the effects of a novel intervention for antiretroviral medication adherence [1]
    Assessing the Impact of Changing Climate on Agriculture in Missouri and the use of Crop Insurance as Adaptation Strategy (1980-2010) [1]
    Assessing the Impact of Increased Police Officer Presence In Micro Hot Spots [1]
    Assessment of Anthropometric Development of Transgender and Gender Non Binary Youth Assigned Female at Birth Across Prepubertal and Pubertal Growth [1]
    Assessment of HEC-18 equations for NCHRP abutment scour based on Kansas field data [1]
    Assessment of HEC-18 scour equations for bottomless culverts based on Kansas field data [1]