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    The impact of part-time faculty on student retention : a case study in higher education
    Impact of Penetrating Sealers and Internally Mixed Hydrophobic Compounds on Durability of Concrete
    The Impact of Sleep Quality on Energy Intake, Eating Behavior, and Physical Activity
    The impact of spending cuts on Missouri student achievement
    Impact of SystemCHANGE™ Intervention on Medication Adherence in Older Adults with Heart Failure: A Mixed Methods Feasibility Study
    Impact of the Implementation of Accountable Care Organizational Structure on Pediatric Emergency Department Visits
    The Impact of the Miracle in Memphis on Racial Reconciliation Initiatives of the Assemblies of God Churches in the Greater Kansas City Area
    Impacts of Precipitation, Land use Land cover and Soil type on the Water Balance of Lake Chad Basin
    Implementing a Student-regulated Learning Tool in Reading: A Heuristic Case Study
    Implementing Product Line Architecture with Code Generation and Separation
    Implications for Multicultural Counseling Training: Motivation, Implicit Race Bias, Empathy and Attribution Bias
    Improved delivery of molecularly targeted agents upon modulation of multidrug resistance efflux proteins at mouse blood brain barrier
    Improving Cuckoo Hashing with Perfect Hashing
    Improving Medication Adherence in Underrepresented Patients with Heart Disease: Piloting a Motivational Intervention
    Improving QoE of Video Streaming using Network Awareness
    Improving the Performance of Parallel SPARQL Query Processing on Apache Spark Using Bloom Filters
    Improving Transaction Acceptance of Incoherent Updates Using Dynamic Merging In a Relational Database
    Improving urban air and stormwater quality using photocatalytic highway pavement and photocatalytic pervious concrete shoulders
    In Pursuit of Extraordinarily Twisted Acenes
    (In)Visible: performances of gay and lesbian dramatic literature on the American stage from 1910 to 1969